September 11, 2023

SuperZoo Takeaways in Premium Foods

SuperZoo afforded premium foods suppliers the chance to not only highlight their respective companies’ latest innovations but also to reconnect with current and prospective partners, scope out the latest trends in the category and strengthen their resolve to finish the year strong.

Premium foods exhibitors were eager to showcase concepts and initiatives they have been calibrating in preparation of this year’s SuperZoo Show. 

“We featured some of our new functional lines that have been incredibly successful – Functional Granola Bars for Dogs, Functional Soft Chew Supplements for Dogs and Cats and Functional Crunchy Cat treats to name a few,” said Jennifer Gibbs, Nulo Chief Sales Officer.
“Ultimately, we want retailers to rely on Nulo as a brand partner with a diverse portfolio that offers compelling, premium nutrition for dogs and cats allowing them to live healthier, happier lives.”

“Our innovation focus at SuperZoo this year was introducing new treats to the marketplace, we launched new Jerky Strips and a new training treat line called, Be Good Bites,” Mark Sapir, CMO at Open Farm. “As always our new items deliver on great nutrition as well-being kind to planet, the reaction and feedback was incredibly positive. We are excited to deliver our Open Farm Promise to more products, and to more pet parents.”

“2023 has been a remarkable year for new product innovations at Petcurean, and we were excited to launch our latest offering, Go! Solutions Boosters for cats and dogs, at SuperZoo,” said Theresa Lantz – MSc, Companion Animal Nutritionist. “Go! Solutions Boosters provide a complete and balanced meal alternative for cats, while serving as a topper to enhance the palatability of dry food for dogs. Functional toppers are a growing category and offer pet parents the ability to add variety and moisture to their pet’s bowl. Available in eight different delicious flavors for both cats and dogs, these recipes expand on our successful solutions-based offerings by providing tailored solutions for a variety of different dietary considerations based on the individual needs of pets.”

Exhibitors’ careful planning and strategic preparation led to more productive and energized tradeshow experiences. Most exhibitors felt the show exceeded their expectations which can be attributed to both show organizers and the manufacturers’ discipline when it comes to planning ahead. 

“SuperZoo exceeded our expectations this year as it was a very busy, successful selling show,” Gibbs said. “We established many new partnerships and shared time with valued existing partners who are expanding space and providing new Nulo categories for pet parents at retail.”

“This year’s SuperZoo was very successful, we were able to meet and connect with our valued retail partners, discuss together how we can continue to grow and support the channel as well celebrate our success together,” Sapir said.

Human-grade and fresh ingredients along with earth-friendly manufacturing processes are some of the top trends exhibitors took notice of during the show. 

“Functional foods, treats and supplements continue to be a dominant trend in the Premium Foods category, and that was very present at SuperZoo,” Lantz said. “Pet parents are increasingly interested in choosing recipes with functional benefits, which support animals’ overall wellbeing. It’s an area that we’re passionate about exploring and our latest product offering – Go! Solutions Boosters – is a testament to this. Go! Solutions Boosters are functional single-serve, single-solution wet food boosters for cats and dogs that address a range of common pet health concerns.”

“We had an excellent team from Petcurean onsite at SuperZoo, allowing us to strike a great balance between showcasing our latest innovations and connecting with industry peers at other booths and presentations,” Byrne said.

Participating in industry tradeshows are incremental in manufacturers’ ability to finish off the year with a strong performance and head into a new year with a solid foundation. 

“For us, SuperZoo is a nice opportunity to see our retailers in-person, but our sales team in total provide great coverage at retail and our hope is to continue to see our retailers in their communities and their stores throughout the year,” Sapir with Open Farm said. “Of course if retailers are new to the brand or just want to connect and engage our Territory Managers are always available and excited to connect.”

“Participation in SuperZoo provides a platform for Nulo to share new product categories with retailers, spend time on product training, and provide recommendations on how to enhance their store set productivity with product additions,” Gibbs said. “The new partnerships established at the show and commitment from existing partners to expand and grow with new categories has set Nulo up for a very strong finish to 2023 and a great start for 2024!”

The messages exhibitors wanted retailers to leave with involved forming and sustaining partnerships that are built on transparency and dependability. 

“As a trusted name for pet nutrition with a reputation for quality that spans more than 20 years, we are proud to be an industry leader,” Lantz said. “This requires a deep commitment to innovation and that approach is central to everything we do at Petcurean. We are always working to create high-quality, nutrient-rich food for cats and dogs to help them live happy and healthy lives that meet the needs of every pet and pet parent.”


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