August 27, 2021

Tailored Pets Offers Special Back-to-School Promotion

The days are getting shorter, kids are going back to school and many pet parents are getting back to some sort of routine that takes them away from the home, and for many dogs – especially those adopted during the pandemic – the world they’ve grown accustomed to is changing dramatically. Schedule changes can be stressful for humans and dogs alike, and the sudden switch to an empty (or busy) home can be an adjustment. To help pet parents navigate this transitional time of year, Tailored Pet is offering advice from their veterinary experts on how to ease the adjustment, as well as a special back-to-school promotion, which includes a free brush for the pup and an adorable hair scrunchie for the pet parent.

“Fewer people around the house means less mental and physical stimulation for the pup, and if not managed correctly, this drastic change can lead to some unwanted behavior,” said Emily Luisana, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and member of Tailored Pet’s Veterinary Advisory Board. “When your family’s routine changes, there are three things I recommend incorporating into your daily rhythm to help your pup feel their best: exercise, new scents and sights, and a predictable routine.”

“First, when your pup is home alone, they miss out on little walks throughout the day following you around the house, which can really add up! Ensuring your pup gets enough exercise every day can make them feel better, both mentally and physically,” Luisana said. “Second, less mental stimulation around the house can leave your pup bored – and that’s when a lot of pets get themselves in trouble. It may be a good time to introduce a safe, new toy or treat to keep them occupied while you’re away. Finally, while most pets are highly adaptable, all pups will benefit from a predictable routine. It’s important to feed a healthy, tailored diet, and set aside predictable times for meals, walks, and general tender loving care to make sure your pup stays happy and healthy during the change.”

To help pet parents prepare for this change in routine, the brand will also offer a special money-saving promotion. Beginning Thursday, Aug. 26, the brand will offer pet parents a special back-to-school bundle, including an 80 percent discount on their first subscription order of Tailored personalized dog food, plus two free gifts – a compact silicone brush for the pup and an adorable hair scrunchie for the human – to make sure everyone is ready for those social media worthy first-day-of-school pictures. 

To take advantage of this limited time offer, pet parents can visit the company’s website, take a quick three-minute quiz to receive their dog’s personalized recipe recommendation, and enter code BTS80 at checkout. Get started at

The brief questionnaire asks detailed questions about the consumer’s dog, ranging from gender and breed size to specific food sensitivities and health concerns. Using this information, the brand’s canine nutrition experts recommend a personalized recipe tailored to each pet’s individual needs to help them live their healthiest, happiest life.

Each personalized Tailored recipe also comes with a bamboo food scoop, and the company offsets 100 percent of its carbon emissions from shipping and follows strict food safety procedures and practices.

This special Back-to-School promotion is valid while supplies last.

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