July 24, 2019

Tesla Introduces “Dog Mode” to Keep Pets Cool During Warm Months

Earlier this year, Tesla, a leading automotive and energy company, announced an exciting new feature for pet owners: Dog Mode. This feature uses automatic sensors to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round for pets inside the vehicle when owners have to run errands or just step out for a moment. The feature displays a message in giant letters letting others know that the environment is cool and safe for animals.

The display reads, “My owner will be back soon. Don’t worry the A/C is on!” and gives the interior temperature to ease the minds of passersby who might be concerned for the animal’s well-being. The feature is activated via the climate control menu by pressing a button labeled “Dog” within the Keep Climate On option included in Model S, Model X and Model 3. 

Tesla informed consumers that the system is not a replacement for common sense or local laws, but gives owners peace of mind knowing their pet will not overheat or freeze while staying in the vehicle. 






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