August 4, 2022

The ARM & HAMMER Feline Generous Program and the ASPCA Announce the Nation’s Most “Fabulous Foster” Cat

The ARM & HAMMER Feline Generous program and the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), today announced “Airy” has been named the nation’s most “fabulous foster” cat. To celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month (June), cat lovers were invited to vote on the ASPCA’s Facebook and Instagram for their favorite “fabulous foster” to bring awareness to fostering purrfectly impurrfect cats. As the winner of the “Fabulous Fosters” contest, Airy will be the new face of the ARM & HAMMER Feline Generous program and will be sent to his new home with a one-year supply of ARM & HAMMER Cat Litter and an adoption starter kit.

Airy’s misunderstood personality was making it difficult for him to get adopted. While Airy was being cared for by an ASPCA foster family in New York City they described him as, “…a shy guy who, with time and yummy treats, learns that most people are pretty okay! Chaos and ruckus are definitely not Airy’s thing, so he much prefers lounging around in mellow environments over attending parties. But, party snacks are still appreciated! Airy loves to eat, especially sardines and he’s a fan of short, gentle petting, too. He’d make a great fit for a family who lives in a quiet home and wants a cat that appreciates a mature atmosphere!”

Since being featured in the ARM & HAMMER Feline Generous Program and the ASPCA “Fabulous Fosters” contest, the purrfectly impurrfect cat, Airy, has been adopted. He’s now living with his new mom in Bronx, NY and has been adjusting wonderfully!

According to the ASPCA, every year approximately 3.2 million cats enter U.S. animal shelters and rescues nationwide and of those approximately 2.1 million cats are adopted each year. By adopting or fostering a pet, more shelter animals are placed in safe homes, it helps shelters conserve their space and resources and provides people with comfort and companionship.

“We are proud to celebrate ASPCA foster cat Airy’s new role as the face of the ARM & HAMMER Feline Generous program,” said Matthew Carroll, Senior Manager, Cause Partnerships and Events, ASPCA. “Many cats require specialized care as they prepare to find loving adoptive homes across the country and the Fabulous Fosters contest was the perfect way to recognize shelter cats, like Airy, thriving in foster homes.”

As the new cat ambassador of the ARM & HAMMER Feline Generous program, Airy will be featured on the brand’s website and in its new Feline Fostering Guide, a free resource written by Pam Johnson-Bennett, certified cat behavior expert.

“We’re thrilled to have Airy as our Feline Generous ambassador and raise awareness for all the benefits of fostering purrfectly impurrfect cats,” said Rebecca Blank, Associate Director, ARM & HAMMER Pet Care. “Typically, these cats are overlooked for adoption due to age, illness, appearance or misunderstood personalities and can benefit from loving foster homes the most. At ARM & HAMMER we know feline fostering isn’t for everyone, so we hope our new Fostering Guide gives cat lovers the information they need to decide if fostering is right for them.”

ARM & HAMMER Feline Fostering Guide

For those who may be curious about whether fostering a feline could be for them or have questions about the commitment needed to foster perfectly impurrfect cats, the ARM & HAMMER Feline Fostering Guide is a great place to start. In the guide Pam Johnson-Bennett takes a whiskers-to-tail approach to fostering a cat and shares 10 important considerations, plus bonus advice.

The ARM & HAMMER Feline Fostering Guide can be downloaded here. Each person who downloads the guide will be entered for a chance to win a year’s supply of ARM & HAMMER Litter and other items to help set up a loving feline home. Click here for official rules.

The ARM & HAMMER Feline Generous program is an online platform that easily connects people to a network of local cat shelters across the country to help increase adoption and generate product and monetary donations, with a specific focus on cats who tend to be overlooked due to age, illness, appearance or misunderstood personalities.

For more information about fostering through the ASPCA or adopting Airy’s other “fabulous foster” friends, please visit ASPCA.

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