November 24, 2021

The Old Wolf Supplements Finds Funding with Clearco

E-commerce investor Clearco has announced that its ClearAngel program is funding The Old Wolf Supplements, a performance supplement company for dogs with a mission to encourage dog owners to be more active with their faithful companions. ClearAngel gives early-stage companies access to revenue share capital, data-driven advice and an extensive network of apps, agencies and investors powered by Clearco.

Founded in 2018, The Old Wolf Supplements is one of the first companies in the world of dog sport to offer a range of performance supplements in order to improve muscular development, recuperation after effort and especially dog health. Trained as an active Canicross runner, founder Shawn Beaulieu is an expert on the types of high-energy food and supplements dogs need to maintain their liveliness and energy for years. He shares this expertise not only in supplements but also by using The Old Wolf Supplements as a platform to provide tailored advice for dog owners to achieve their wanted goals.

The Old Wolf Supplements have reached great success in their sales but are interested in scaling their business to the next level. ClearAngel’s investment will help the company to recruit an impressive advertising team to reach their goal of $20,000 in sales per month. ClearAngel is among just a few equity-free, flexible capital options for early-stage founders who lack the network to raise an angel round or join exclusive accelerators. Since its February 2021 launch, the program has already funded more than 350 companies.

“We’re excited to fund The Old Wolf Supplements in its mission to support the health and growth of dogs worldwide,” said Andrew D’Souza, CEO and co-founder, Clearco. “For The Old Wolf Supplements, this ClearAngel investment will help bring their innovative approach to canine wellness to exponentially more dogs around the world.”

In addition to $10,000 of flexible capital, The Old Wolf Supplements will also get access to a network of more than 500 investors, growth teams, agencies, apps, lawyers and buyers; and data-driven advice designed to help scale and hit new revenue milestones.

“Having access to ClearAngel’s impressive network has already kickstarted the company into thinking about the most strategic ways to grow,” said Shawn Beaulieu, Founder, The Old Wolf Supplements. “We are dedicated to encouraging dog owners around the world to be more active with their canine companions, and we’re excited to bring our products to a whole new market.”

To learn more about The Old Wolf Supplements and experience their products for yourself, click here.

ClearAngel is currently onboarding E-commerce and product companies. The program has limited spots available for SaaS, Apps, marketplace and stealth companies. To learn more about applying, click here.

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