February 23, 2022

The Pet Collective Streaming Channel Launches on IMDb TV

The Pet Collective, the digital video property for pet enthusiasts owned and operated by TMB, today announced its latest streaming TV partnership with IMDb TV, Amazon’s premium free streaming service. The pet-focused channel, which receives more than five million monthly viewership hours across multiple platforms, is live on IMDb TV starting today.

The Pet Collective features a fun and exciting programming lineup that’s sure to scratch every pet lover’s itch for entertaining and informative pet content. Streaming 24/7 with regular specials and marathons, like the upcoming Puppython for National Puppy Day in March, The Pet Collective has entertainment, pet-ucation, the newest trends and products in the pet world and as many puppies, kittens and other cute critters as you can handle.

“Pets are a global obsession and The Pet Collective brings that enthusiasm to the streaming TV dial like no other property in the world,” said Jill Goldfarb, SVP of Streaming TV at TMB. “Our streaming TV channels continue to grow at an incredible rate, and to be able to expand our distribution even further and reach millions more with IMDb TV is extremely exciting.”

Popular series on The Pet Collective include:

  • Show Us Your Pets: Behind every famous celebrity is an even more famous pet! We’re here to meet the posh pets who bring celebs from Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias to Tori Kelly to Iain Armitage to their knees.
  • Pet Obsessed: Featuring ridiculous viral videos, digital shorts and tons of fluff, these are the internet’s most outrageous and outspoken pets.
  • Best Pets of the Month: A collection of the best pet videos from the past month, all in one half-hour episode!
  • Animals Unscripted: These animals have personalities and aren’t afraid to show it. Get ready for the most untamed critters in the wild kingdom.
  • That’s My Pet: A fun and informative series that explores different pets and breeds and what makes each of them unique.

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