July 2, 2024

The Pet Memorial Trucks in 14 Tons of Food to Sky Foundations Hungry Animals

The Pet Memorial, an international monument to pets who have crossed the “rainbow bridge,” announced today that $13,000 worth of food will be delivered to the Sky Foundation in Romania. The donation will provide 14 tons of dog kibble, canned cat food and hay to the rescue, which permanently houses about 400 animals, dogs, cats, horses and donkeys.

“The Sky Foundation is not only a loving home for hundreds of rescued animals but also spreads their wings over the surrounding villages,” The Pet Memorial founder Laura Simpson said. “Last winter, we worked together to deliver meals to dogs who are deeply malnourished and living on chains.”

For 13 years, the Sky Foundation has offered refuge, food and veterinary treatment to animals living on the streets as well as adoption services for animals able to find homes.

“The situation has been extremely difficult lately; I have considered just giving up because I felt like I couldn’t handle it anymore,” Sky Foundation founder Mariana Craciun said. “The aid that comes from volunteers and organizations like The Pet Memorial is invaluable to us. The financial support and love they send our way gives us a sense of hope and determination to keep fighting for these animals.”

Donations to The Pet Memorial are made to commemorate pets who have “crossed the rainbow bridge.” The project is designed to help pet guardians cope with loss and honor the legacy of their pets through international animal rescue projects. The website also features a pet loss resource center to help those left behind find a way to deal with their grief.

“The Pet Memorial shines a light straight down from heaven and onto animals who need help,” Simpson said. “That light harnesses all memories we have with our departed pets and transforms that energy into substantial, tangible rescue missions across the planet.”

The Pet Memorial is a project of the Harmony Fund, a US-based charity organization that offers funding to a network of animal rescuers internationally, which marks 15 years of life-saving donations and more than $10 million in aid to animal organizations around the world.

“There is a gap in opportunities for the ‘underdogs’ in the world of animal rescue,” Simpson said. “There are so many volunteer teams who don’t have resources or visibility to get funding. They’re so often overlooked, despite the wonderful work they’re doing. Harmony Fund and The Pet Memorial were created to help these organizations keep their doors open and the lights on.”

For more information about The Pet Memorial or Harmony Fund, click here.

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