July 19, 2023

Thrive Pet Healthcare and FidoCure Report on One Year of Groundbreaking, Personalized Cancer Care for Hundreds for Dogs

It has been an extraordinary year since Thrive Pet Healthcare and FidoCure joined forces to revolutionize veterinary cancer care for dogs across the nation.

Since the collaboration began in 2022, more than 40 veterinarians from Thrive Pet Healthcare have used FidoCure’s precision medicine platform in more than 200 canine cancer cases. Approximately 63 percent of the dogs in these cases are in the process of healing, demonstrating the continuing impact of the Thrive-FidoCure partnership.

“FidoCure’s precision cancer treatment has been a game-changer for dog patients within our network,” said Dr. Scott Schatzberg, Chief Medical Officer at Thrive Pet Healthcare. “Through our partnership, we’ve opened doors to advanced and personalized cancer care, giving pets a better and longer quality of life to cherish with their families.”

As one in three dogs will develop cancer during their lifetime, the need for better canine cancer care is urgent. FidoCure’s platform employs genomic-guided DNA testing to identify genetic mutations that can cause cancer in dogs. It then matches these mutations to individualized treatment plans using targeted therapies, ensuring tailored care for every patient.

The collaboration between Thrive Pet Healthcare and FidoCure has resulted in the expansion of the world’s largest proprietary canine cancer dataset. With more than 4,000 dogs diagnosed using FidoCure’s Next Generation DNA Sequencing Test, the dataset has the potential to advance not only canine oncology research but also research for human cancer treatment.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our partnership with Thrive Pet Healthcare through which we’ve treated hundreds of dogs with our innovative cancer care platform,” said Christina Lopes, co-founder and CEO of FidoCure. “Partnering with Thrive has let us streamline access to our cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments for more pet parents than ever before. We truly thrive together, one dog at a time, as every dog’s unique DNA contributes to the largest clinico-genomics canine cancer dataset in the world, helping advance our fight against cancer at both ends of the leash.”

Access to specialty care is an ongoing issue in veterinary medicine, especially in canine oncology. Across the country, canine oncology appointment wait times can take several weeks. By establishing access to FidoCure within its nationwide network, Thrive Pet Healthcare can provide cutting-edge cancer care to more dogs than any other veterinary care provider.

“As a veterinarian specializing in oncology, I have seen firsthand the impact of FidoCure’s precision medicine platform on my patients,” said Dr. Sabina Sheppard-Olivares at Thrive Pet Healthcare partner Pet Specialists of Austin. “The ability to offer tailored treatment options based on genetic mutations has transformed the way we approach cancer care. The partnership between Thrive Pet Healthcare and FidoCure has been invaluable in providing the best possible care for our canine patients.”

As Thrive Pet Healthcare and FidoCure commemorate this significant milestone, they eagerly anticipate further advancements in cancer care for pets and humans alike.

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