September 21, 2022

Thrive Pet Healthcare Appoints Odis Pirtle as CEO

Thrive Pet Healthcare, a leading national network of more than 350 veterinary hospitals, announces that it has appointed Odis Pirtle as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Dr. Stephen Hadley, the former CEO of Thrive Pet Healthcare, has been named Executive Vice Chairman of the Board and will continue to focus on advancing the veterinary profession through technology and innovation.

Pirtle most recently served as Thrive Pet Healthcare’s President and Interim CEO for six months and COO for more than three years. During his tenure, he was instrumental in developing the company’s strategy for building the most connected and innovative network of primary, acute and specialty veterinary hospitals. Previously, Pirtle served as CEO of THRIVE Affordable Vet Care and in multiple leadership positions at Pfizer Animal Health and Zoetis.

“Odis has always been a trusted partner on the leadership team. Knowing his unwavering commitment to the veterinary profession and our teams, I can’t imagine a better leader to deliver on our company’s strategy,” said Dr. Hadley. “I look forward to further working closely with Odis to continue building the world’s most connected and trusted veterinary network.”

“We believe that the pets who bring wellness and joy to their families deserve exceptional care from people and professionals who are loved and respected, too,” said Pirtle. “Together with every member of our 11,000-person team, we will continue enhancing access to veterinary care throughout pets’ lives. And, as always, we will continue creating a one-of-a-kind patient and workplace experience within and across our network of hospitals where everyone can thrive.”

Thrive Pet Healthcare’s accomplished leadership team brings together deep expertise in veterinary medicine, consumer service, technology and pharmaceuticals to deliver on the company’s mission.

Divestiture of In-Store Clinics Inside Petco Pet Care Centers

Earlier this year, Thrive Pet Healthcare divested 100 veterinary hospitals located inside Petco Pet Care Centers, enabling the company to accelerate the connectivity and expansion of its network through standalone locations and the opening of new Thrive hospitals across the country.

Austin and Boston: Connected Experience and Ease of Access

This year, Thrive Pet Healthcare successfully connected two comprehensive networks of more than 30 veterinary hospitals in the Austin and Boston metropolitan areas to accommodate local community needs. Pet owners in these markets can benefit from the first-of-its-kind Thrive Plus™ membership program, designed to make it easier for pets to receive frequent, high-quality care throughout their life.

Over a Dozen Urgent Care Hospitals and Services Across the Country

Thrive Pet Healthcare opened 13 Urgent Care hospitals in the last two years to accommodate patients’ needs for same-day care in non-life-threatening situations. Urgent care is now available in standalone locations, as an expanded service offering in existing primary care hospitals and as an add-on facility.

Personalized Career Growth and Learning

Thrive Pet Healthcare’s network of hospitals provides exceptional career mobility to support veterinary professionals wherever they are in their professional and personal journey – whether it is a new specialization, location or leadership role. Soon-to-be veterinarians can benefit from the Clinical Year Externship, created in partnership with veterinary schools, that offers the opportunity to grow their areas of passion across different disciplines of veterinary medicine.

To learn more about Thrive Pet Healthcare and its leadership team, click here.


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