April 11, 2022

Timberdog Debuts RuffRest Ultimate Pet Bed

Timberdog® has unveiled its flagship product, RuffRest®, on National Pet Day this April 11. With 14 travel features, the RuffRest is a patent-pending sleep and travel system that replaces the traditional pet bed at home and on the road.

The RuffRest Ultimate Pet Bed, created by Timberdog founder Leena Chitnis, opens up and is easy to pack for road trips, camping, flights, hotels and more. For minimalists and adventurers, every feature is neatly tucked away until needed, while serving dual functions. The bolster, for example, houses the sleeping bag, while the shoulder strap doubles as a reflective leash. Meanwhile, the brightly visible accents are loops for carabiners, while the decorative trim serves as a zipper hood to keep pets safe from zippers. With high-density memory foam, the RuffRest is many times thicker than average travel pet beds, while remaining compact and sleek. Its military-grade nylon and YKK zippers also ensure a lifetime of durability.

“The RuffRest was created when I realized that my dog didn’t have any solid outdoor gear,” said Chitnis. “Like many other people, I consider my dog, Kashi, to be like a daughter. I take her everywhere and needed a multifunctional and practical bed for her when we traveled. I didn’t like carrying her bulky items piecemeal and found it expensive to source items one by one. I also didn’t like rifling through bags to find her things, so I built an organizer. I incorporated all of the features I needed into one pet bed.”

Timberdog was founded four years ago as a passion project for Chitnis between copywriting roles in Silicon Valley, and it became especially relevant when she learned that people found traveling with pets to be difficult. To complement the RuffRest, Chitnis will debut more “double duty” inventions later this year.

Karen Steele, Chief Marketing Officer at Lean Data, said, “The RuffRest is a game changer for anyone who takes pets on vacation.” Her nephew, Sean MacIntosh, an avid outdoor enthusiast and member of the early-days stress testing team added, “It’s an absolute upgrade from any dog bed I’ve ever owned.”

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