Top Dog Country Club Introduces Canine Weight Camp February 8, 2021

Top Dog Country Club Introduces Canine Weight Camp

Top Dog Country Club, a Minnesota-based small business announces a new program, partnering with veterinary clinics, to provide a weight management program for dogs that could benefit from losing weight, eating more nutritionally and getting more exercise.

Top Dog Country Club is a world-renowned vacation club for dogs that opened in 2000 and set a new standard of caring for dogs when their people travel. A 2018 survey by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention revealed that 56 percent of pet dogs in the US are overweight, with 30 percent of those being obese. This increases the likelihood of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis; resulting in a shorter life of reduced quality.

“Often my clients utilize a Top Dog vacation to help their dog lose those extra pounds, knowing that they are on a routine here with lots of exercise and knowing we don’t “cave” every time we get those begging eyes and noses nudging for extra treats. My team and I have come up with the idea to help dog owners manage their dogs’ fitness and health with a new year’s resolution to get in shape,” states Jean Stelten-Beuning, Creator, Owner & Operator of Top Dog Country Club.

Top Dog Country Club partners with dog parents and their veterinarians to create a custom, vet-endorsed weight management program consisting of diet modification, an exercise plan and a maintenance strategy. Included is an initial vet checkup, a 1–2-week kickstart at Top Dog Country Club, regular weigh-ins and a maintenance exercise / daycare plan.


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