Tractor Supply Company Donates $75,000 to Dogs on Deployment July 20, 2020

Tractor Supply Company Donates $75,000 to Dogs on Deployment

Tractor Supply Company has partnered with Dogs on Deployment in an effort to assist junior-enlisted service members and pet boarders offset the cost of caring for pets during deployment. The national nonprofit organization provides an online network for military members to connect with volunteers who board pets during service commitments. Tractor Supply has donated $75,000 to the organization to support both the boarders and pet owners in caring for essential pet needs.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Defense has restricted military travel, delaying the return of many deployed military members. As a result, volunteer boarders are hosting pets for longer than anticipated, increasing the strain on supplies. The crisis has also created a need among healthcare workers and first responders for pet care while working to treat infected patients. With Tractor Supply’s support, Dogs on Deployment is stepping in to help those individuals, as well.

“When these brave men and women are called away from home, they often need to make accommodations for those they leave behind, including pets,” said Christi Korzekwa, Tractor Supply’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. “Dogs on Deployment recognized this need and works tirelessly to relieve that concern for these heroes. We are honored to support their efforts and provide military members, medical professionals and volunteer boarders with the funds and supplies to help care for these animals.”

Through the $75,000 donation from Tractor Supply, Dogs on Deployment will support these individuals with veterinary and moving expenses. Additionally, each quarter, Dogs on Deployment will select pet owners and boarders to receive a $250 gift card to Tractor Supply.

“Thanks to our partnership with Tractor Supply, we will have the ability to continue to provide meaningful financial assistance to our military members, and now first responders, as well,” said Alisa Johnson, Co-Founder of Dogs on Deployment. “We also look forward to helping our service members – and particularly those who are junior-enlisted – find loving foster homes and recognizing and awarding our many volunteer DoD Boarders with gift cards as a thank you for the care they give our deployed pets.”

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