Tractor Supply Wins 2024 CIO 100 Award March 22, 2024

Tractor Supply Wins 2024 CIO 100 Award

Tractor Supply Company, which also owns and operates Petsense by Tractor Supply, has been named a 2024 winner of a CIO 100 Award by Foundry’s CIO. CIO 100 Awards recognize organizations that are using information technology in innovative ways to deliver business value. Tractor Supply received the award for a groundbreaking project that leverages generative artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance customer service and increase conversion.

“Our team members are known for providing legendary service in our stores. Our goal is to further empower them through technology, making them the heroes as they serve our customers,” said Rob Mills, chief technology, digital commerce and strategy officer at Tractor Supply. “I’m incredibly proud of the teams across our organization that helped bring this ambitious project to life, and to our team members for embracing it as we serve Life Out Here.”

Tractor Supply’s award-winning project uses AI in two capacities. The “Computer Vision” component uses artificial intelligence to efficiently alert team members when a line is building at the register and additional help is needed. It will also notify team members when customers are browsing or need help in certain areas of the store, eliminating the need for customers to seek out a team member and ask for help.

The second component of the project is a generative AI application called “Hey GURA.” Provided to each of the company’s store team members via their handheld devices and earpieces, the app enables team members to 1) ask for recommendations on the appropriate product for a customer’s situation, 2) learn more about products sold in Tractor Supply stores and build their knowledge base, 3) learn where a product is located in the store and 4) obtain answers to HR and job-related questions. Team members can utilize Hey GURA when serving a customer or in their day-to-day job as they build their knowledge of Tractor Supply products and services.

To win a CIO 100 Award, applicants must successfully show an external panel of judges that they have executed their project well in uncommon or innovative ways. Winning applications must also demonstrate measurable business value, whether by creating competitive advantage, optimizing business processes, enabling growth, improving relationships with customers or digitally transforming the business.

Tractor Supply will accept its award at the CIO 100 Symposium & Awards Aug. 5-7, 2024 in Colorado Springs. For more information about Tractor Supply, visit Tractor Supply.

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