October 10, 2019

V-dog and Veggie Grill Partnership

V-dog, a leading national dog food company committed to providing 100 percent vegan products, has partnered with plant-based fast-casual restaurant Veggie Grill to launch Bottoms Pups. Pet parents are invited to bring their dogs along to select restaurant patios on Saturdays from 4-6 pm.

During the designated times, Veggie Grill will be providing free vegan dog treats from v-dog to those in attendance. V-dog’s signature “plant powered” green bandana will also be available as free gifts for pet parents interested in styling their dinner companions.

“Veggie Grill has offered 100 percent plant-based dishes and a wonderful dining atmosphere for years, and now fans of the restaurant will be able to include their pets in their afternoon outing,” said Lindsay Rubin, VP of v-dog. “We’re thrilled to partner with Veggie Grill on this fun addition to their culture, and we look forward to raising awareness that dogs can thrive on plant-based diets too.”

“We are thrilled to be working with v-dog for the launch of Bottoms Pups, where pet guests will enjoy the brand’s wiggle biscuits in the blueberry and peanut butter flavors,” said Steve Heeley, CEO of Veggie Grill. “We encourage all to grab their friends and pets to enjoy an ideal Saturday afternoon at Veggie Grill.”  

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