June 15, 2022

Van Ness Joins Forces with Matrix Partners

Matrix Partners is delighted to announce that Van Ness, a family-owned and operated pet product company since 1945, has joined its growing client roster. The talented Matrix team will support the company’s social media management and influencer marketing services, helping to boost brand awareness.

By staying true to Van Ness’ philosophy of creating high-quality, traceable products that are the best for pets, Matrix’s social media team will use its unparalleled skills to create engaging content and digitally portray the brand’s message to current and potential consumers across Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the agency’s PR department will work with its proprietary network of more than 5,000 pet influencers to introduce the brand’s products to hundreds of thousands of pet owners every month.

“Van Ness takes pride in its commitment to environmental stewardship, animal welfare and community involvement, and we’re excited to partner with a fellow family-owned company that cares about animals as much as we do,” commented Kristy Boulos, Vice President & Account Supervisor at Matrix Partners.

Pet parents can enjoy a variety of products from Van Ness, including its new Calm Carrier for cats, EcoWare dishes for dogs and cats and many other accessories for dogs, cats and small animals. Every Van Ness product is designed with extreme care to further emphasize the brand’s own mission of creating “the best for your best friend.”

Keeping pets safe and comfortable is one of Van Ness’ most important values, which is why all of their products are made from USFDA “Safe For Pets” certified and verifiable materials.

To learn more about Van Ness and their plethora of pet products, please visit Van Ness Pets. For more information on Matrix Partners and their additional marketing services, click here or email hello@matrix1.com.



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