January 18, 2022

VCA Animal Hospitals, Vet Set Go Team Up To Nurture Future Vet Professionals

VCA Animal Hospitals and Vet Set Go have announced a partnership to nurture and grow future veterinary professionals.

Vet Set Go has been dedicated to helping elementary, middle school and high school aspiring veterinary professionals for more than 10 years. With VCA, one of the largest global veterinary services providers, the organizations will create new and expanded opportunities for hands-on experience, shadowing and educational resources to help students overcome barriers often faced when pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.

“As a second-generation veterinarian, I remember working at my father’s hospital where I developed my passion for this profession and discovered the joy it can bring. I was fortunate to have a lot of support pursuing my career and not everyone has that,” said Todd Lavender, DVM, President, VCA Animal Hospitals. “The work we’ll do together with Vet Set Go is about caring for the future of veterinary medicine. We’re breaking down barriers – finding new ways to bring more caring, talented people into this field. We need a strong, resilient profession to meet the growing need to care for more pets in more communities. Together with Vet Set Go, we’re doing our part.”

Programming rolled out through 2022 and beyond will offer a mix of hands-on learning experiences and education-based resources, including:

  • National Shadowing Program: select VCA Animal Hospitals will invite aspiring veterinarians into their clinic for the day and experience the joys of the field firsthand.
  • Availability of Vet Set Go Academy Content: The Academy will provide its online shadowing courses to VCA shadowing students to help them prepare for the big day and ensure they have a safe and educational experience.
  • Scholarships for Aspiring Veterinarians: Separately, VCA and Vet Set Go will provide three aspiring veterinarians scholarships to Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine’s Junior Vet Camp.
  • An App That Delivers Volunteerism Opportunities: Additionally, VCA will help support Vet Set Go in developing the first-ever volunteer app for aspiring veterinarians that will help students find shadowing mentors and volunteering opportunities near their homes.

“We are thrilled to work with VCA to continue to help develop tomorrow’s generation of veterinarians. Together we are providing aspiring veterinarians with resources and opportunities that otherwise are not easily available to young people who are interested in veterinary medicine,” said Dr. Chris Carpenter, Founder and President, Vet Set Go.

Together, Vet Set Go and VCA are encouraging young people to consider a career in veterinary medicine through early education and make these opportunities accessible to all, breaking down economic or social barriers.

“We want veterinary medicine to be seen as a viable career option available to anyone interested, whether as a doctor, credentialed technician or other support roles,” said Dr. Timbrala Marshall, Director of Veterinary Inclusion and Diversity Programs, VCA Animal Hospitals. “It’s our job to make our profession more inclusive and accessible to all.”

To learn more about Vet Set Go, click here.

To learn more about VCA Animal Hospitals, click here.


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