August 24, 2023

Veehoo Launches Innovative Elevated Dog Bed for Deep Sleep

VEEHOO, a leading manufacturer of elevated dog beds, has launched its new womb-shaped elevated dog bed featuring deep sleep technology designed to help dogs achieve deeper, more restorative sleep.

Canines have relatively long sleep time but short cycles, not sleeping too deeply, waking up almost every hour or so. This means they can be unable to reach deep sleep. After observing and measuring the bellies of pregnant doggies, VEEHOO scientifically designed the radius and angles of the arched frames. Together with their specialized mesh fabric and manufacturing process, they simulate the sleeping environment of pets in the womb. The ribs of doggies naturally conform to the curved bed, providing comfort and peace.

“Lack of deep sleep can negatively impact dogs’ health. As dog lovers, we developed this product to help them overcome instinctive light sleeping and finally get the rejuvenating rest they need,” said Eric, Design Director of VEEHOO, “VEEHOO’s new brand theme ‘Deep Sleep’ is all about presenting solutions that help pets feel very secure and lay down comfortably and maintain a better posture to get into deep sleep. The ability to adapt to pets’ varied sleeping positions makes VEEHOO’s new elevated dog bed especially suitable for puppies, anxious pets and pets that lack deep sleep.”

The VEEHOO DEEP SLEEP elevated dog bed streamlines the user experience, providing intuitive tool-free installation. Conveniently, the installation process begins as soon as the customer opens the package, as the “three pieces” rod is already connected, and the metal pipe of feet is nestled in the double size pad of feet. Just insert them into one another. This level of labor-saving means the customer can spend less time guessing how to assemble and more time training pets to sleep on raised dog beds.

The company’s new product further enhances sturdiness with 120 degrees to cling tightly to the rails, transferring force downwards most efficiently to vertical legs. The 0.4-inch tubing of both side rails and legs ensures ample load-bearing capacity. The X-Large size can withstand more than 70kg, 20 percent above its 55kg rating. Moreover, the VEEHOO bed’s adjustable paw pads are suitable for various terrains by tweaking slopes. The elevated dog bed offers cool in warm spring and summer months by allowing air to circulate and keeps pets off wet/cold ground with 8-inch ground clearance. They work on not only flat indoor floors but also uneven outdoor areas like sand, mud and grass.

For more information, visit the official website VEEHO or amazon Amazon.

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