February 7, 2022

Virbac Introduces Pet Food Line for Spayed and Neutered Pets

Virbac, an animal health pharmaceutical company, has launched its first products in the pet nutrition category in the US market: the Veterinary HPM Spay & Neuter Diets. The line was formulated for spayed and neutered pets as the procedure is often accompanied by associated changes in metabolism that increases the risk for obesity.

“We’ve seen remarkable success with this product in European markets and believe in its ability to provide pet owners with the best resource for their pet’s health,” said François Fournier, CEO and President of Virbac North America. “We’re thrilled to bring Veterinary HPM Pet Nutrition to the market in the United States, as it provides pet owners with a diet designed to meet the specific needs of their spayed or neutered dogs and cats.”

Veterinary HPM Pet Nutrition is available in six formulas, which have been customized to meet specific nutritional needs by species, age and size:

  • Veterinary HPM Spay and Neuter Junior Cat Food.
  • Veterinary HPM Spay and Neuter Adult Cat Food.
  • Veterinary HPM Spay and Neuter Small & Toy Junior Dog Food.
  • Veterinary HPM Spay and Neuter Small & Toy Adult Dog Food.
  • Veterinary HPM Spay and Neuter Large and Medium Junior Dog Food.
  • Veterinary HPM Spay and Neuter Large & Medium Adult Dog Food.

This innovative line of dog and cat food will be distributed directly through veterinarians and Virbac’s iVet.com e-commerce platform, which enables pet owners to purchase directly and have the products shipped to their homes.

Spaying and neutering can cause the basal metabolic rate to decrease by up to 30 percent, while appetite can increase up to 60 percent. It is common for an animal’s energy needs to lessen, while feelings of hunger often increase, placing the animal at significant risk for obesity. Today, 56 percent of dogs and 60 percent of cats are currently overweight. The metabolic changes that occur post spay and neuter make it essential to adjust the animal’s dietary regimen.

This launch is part of Virbac’s long-term strategy to grow the company’s position as a leader in animal nutrition. With Veterinary HPM Pet Nutrition, Virbac enters the $35 billion US pet food market, which is estimated at $1.5 billion for veterinary clinics.

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