Vital Essentials Launches Vital Relief Challenge with $100,000 Donation April 3, 2020

Vital Essentials Launches Vital Relief Challenge with $100,000 Donation

Raw pet food brand Vital Essentials made by Carnivore Meat Company has launched a ‘Vital Relief Challenge’ as part of its COVID-19 response initiative.

To kick off the challenge, Vital Essentials announced it’s donating $100,000 to Green Bay area non-profits including food pantries, shelters and other community outreach organizations.

“As an essential manufacturer of pet food, we’re blessed to be able to continue to successfully operate with a safe and healthy team,” said Carnivore Meat Company CEO and Owner Lanny Viegut. “Unfortunately, others have landed in some pretty tough spots.”

Vital Essentials is challenging business leaders and CEOs to donate to their local communities in any way possible and to issue the ‘Vital Relief Challenge’ to other businesses. “We encourage any and all organizations that provide essential pet products to dig deep and help locally,” stated Viegut.

Participation in the Challenge is easy:

  1. Donate what you can to local organizations
  2. Announce your donations and use #VEchallenge on social media
  3. Challenge other businesses to support locally

“Pet retail is essential in making sure pet parents have access to the supplies they need to keep their pets healthy,” commented Viegut. “We’re asking our distributors, their suppliers, and other brands in the industry to donate to the communities they serve to help offset some of the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.”

Viegut was inspired to support the community by De Pere, WI company Paper Transport who pledged to donate half of their April profits to charity organizations that serve the community. “My wife Cheryl and I decided to make a donation on behalf of our entire Vital Essentials team to nonprofits in our community. They need even greater support as they are delivering more help to those in need during these troubled times.”

Whether companies can give big or give small, every donation matters as America deals with the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact, and it starts at home. “It’s our hope this Challenge will spread faster than the virus,” stated Viegut. “I believe the Challenge we’re issuing to other business owners and CEOs can make a huge difference in communities all across the US and could potentially help save lives.”

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