August 2, 2022

W.F. Young Celebrates 130th Anniversary

W.F. Young, a global leader in animal health products such as Absorbine and The Missing Link, celebrates its 130th anniversary this year.

For more than a century, the family-owned Massachusetts business has maintained its innovative spirit through the creation of numerous pet and equine products that put the health and happiness of animals first.

In the last 30 years, W.F. Young has developed more than 25 new products like Smartmouth and Silver Honey, while also making several substantial acquisitions such as Equine America and Magic Cushion.

“I, along with the rest of the W.F. Young team, am unbelievably proud to reach this incredible milestone”, said Jaime McKinley, President of W.F. Young and a fifth-generation family member. “Reaching 130 years is a testament to our innovative spirit, as well as evidence that this company has always put its heart and soul into giving pets and horses and their owners, the absolute best care. We cannot wait to open the next chapter and continue to build on a legacy that has already done so much good for animals everywhere.”

In the last two years, the company has flourished – its pet care segment grew more than 25 percent and five new positions have been created to expand the senior leadership team. With recent partnerships with Pet Food Experts and BSM Partners that widen W.F. Young’s scope, the organization is set to continue growth in the pet care industry and plans to launch new products and reinforce its sustainability action plan. In tandem with the anniversary, W.F. Young has unveiled new branding company-wide.

“The color, imagery and design are all intentional in reflecting our compassion for animal health and wellness, as well as reinforcing our rich history and promising future,” said McKinley. “Pet parents have trusted us for generations, and our new branding pays tribute to the innovative animal care solutions we will continue to provide for years to come.”

As W.F. Young looks to the future, the rebrand seeks to emphasize its place in the pet care segment as well as its continued efforts and roots in equine wellness. The contemporary logo represents the company’s care for animals, featuring both a dog and a horse supported by human hands. To see the rebranded aesthetics and logo, visit W.F. Young.

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