Wag Tantrum Gourmet Organic Dog Food Supports Women’s History Month with New Opportunities for Clients of The Women’s Home March 29, 2022

Wag Tantrum Gourmet Organic Dog Food Supports Women’s History Month with New Opportunities for Clients of The Women’s Home

Wag Tantrum‘s founders, Barbara and Lisa Marshall, are celebrating Women’s History Month by reflecting on their partnership with The Women’s Home, a long-term residential treatment program for women in Houston, TX. Wag Tantrum is an all-organic, human-grade dog food company that has been providing delicious and nutritious dog meals since 2016. Its core mission is to provide dogs with the highest quality food to keep them healthy, while also supporting the community. One way Wag Tantrum does this is by hiring clients from The Women’s Home.

“The Women’s Home does amazing, life-changing work,” said Barbara Marshall. “I have donated for many years, but any company can throw money at a good cause. I wanted to take that extra step and hire some of the women coming out of the program to show my dedication to their mission.”

The Women’s Home provides long-term, safe living spaces and offers ongoing treatment to support emotional, mental, financial, physical, social, spiritual and vocational success. The Marshalls admire the work done at The Women’s Home and are proud to hire these women to help them get back on their feet.

“I love working for Wag Tantrum for so many reasons,” said a current client of The Women’s Home who now works at the company. “One of them is that it supports The Women’s Home, which not only saved my life but gave me a future. This job has opened up so many doors for me and is something I never thought I would have access to. I actually feel excited every day to work for a company that cares about its community because not all businesses do. I believe good actions are contagious, so when a company like Wag Tantrum supports The Women’s Home, it creates a cycle of opportunities for those who might not have had access to them before. I can’t stress how appreciative I feel getting to work with positive people who want to make a difference in this world.”

Barbara Marshall founded the company after her dog, Lily, was diagnosed with cancer at six months old. Lily refused to eat traditional dog food, so Marshall began testing different recipes and thus Wag Tantrum was born. Wag Tantrum is one of the few brands in its category that sells puppy food and one of the only two brands in its category that is 100 percent organic.

“When I learned about Lily’s diagnoses, I read everything I could about animal nutrition. I quickly found out that, just like humans, dogs are what they eat. They need fresh, nutrient-rich meals, that don’t contain all the byproducts and synthetic vitamins that regular pet food has,” said Marshall.

Wag Tantrum’s food allows you to customize your dog’s meal plan based on weight, age, activity level and protein preference. Choose from Wag Tantrum’s all-organic chicken, beef or quinoa recipes, to give your dog the perfect balanced meal. You can mix it with your dog’s current food, treat your pup to it a few times a week or better yet, provide delicious nutrition at every meal. Either way, experts agree that even if it’s not every day, good nutrition is beneficial for a happy dog.

Wag Tantrum’s products are made in small batches and sent right to your door, packaged with dry ice to ensure your furry friend’s meal is fresh and ready to eat. Wag Tantrum knows that all a pet owner wants is a happy, healthy dog and that is why it is committed to providing your dog with all the nutrients they need, in the tastiest way possible.





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