Wellness Natural Pet Food Announces Grained Dry Recipes and Wet Variety Packs for Cats February 26, 2020

Wellness Natural Pet Food Announces Grained Dry Recipes and Wet Variety Packs for Cats

In an effort to support cats’ diverse diets, Wellness Natural Pet Foods introduced recipes packed with natural nutrition cats love. Cats tend to be picky eaters, so Wellness Natural is striving to ensure pet parents have a variety of options. The recipes have expanded with new and returning selections from Wellness, adding more premium, natural options for pet parents for more convenience as well as recipes formulated for their cat’s lifestyle, nutritional needs and refined palate.

Convenience can be found with Wellness Complete Health Variety Packs, a rotation of top-selling Complete Health wet recipes designed to diversify mealtime easily throughout the week while satisfying appetites. The new variety packs deliver the convenience cat parents look for when purchasing multiple cans of wet food with the variety and flavor cats crave. The recipes will be offered in 12-packs and 24-packs with three feline-approved flavor and texture variations packaged in 3 oz. cans so that pet parents can effortlessly customize the dish of the day—keeping it consecutive or mixing things up.

Each wet recipe provides a healthy source of nutrition and hydration without grains, carrageenan, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Complete Health Variety Packs come in three all-natural, wholesome protein categories: (1) Chicken & Turkey Pate Favorites—Chicken Entrée, Turkey Dinner and turkey & Salmon Entrée, (2) Seafood Pate Favorites—Chicken & Lobster Dinner, Chicken & Herring Dinner and Turkey & Salmon Entrée and (3) Chicken & Turkey Lovers—Gravies Chicken Entrée, Minced Chicken Dinner and Minced Turkey Entrée.

Wellness Complete Health recipes with Wholesome Grains have returned to meet pet parents’ interest in the option of a diet that includes wholesome grains. Offered alongside grain-free options, the reintroduction of the best-selling grained recipes with help pet parents find the perfect formula for their cats among the widened variety of protein and antioxidant-rich, balanced recipes from Complete Health.

Wellness Complete health formulas with Wholesome Grains focus on premium protein, vitamins and minerals enriched with healthy, fiber-rich grains to support the signs of well-being. Each package of dry food will be available in 6-pound bags crafted with only the best ingredients including omega-3 and omega-6 to support cats’ skin and coat, prebiotics and probiotics to aid healthy digestion and a balance of high-quality proteins, select fats and carbohydrates for the energy cats need to thrive.

Grained recipes will be offered in four land and sea variations appealing to feline’s favorite flavors: (1) Adult Salmon & Salmon Meal, (2) Adult health Deboned Chicken & Chicken Meal, (3) Indoor Deboned Chicken & Chicken Meal and (4) Natural Hairball Control Chicken Meal.

“There are valued nutritional benefits in both grained and grain-free food for cats, and now we are offering both options for those pet parents looking to feed our trusted Complete Health formula,” said Chanda Leary-Coutu, Director of Marketing Communications and Consumer Experience for Wellness Natural Pet Food. “We’re committed to empowering pet parents and putting them in control of what they provide their pets, and we do so by presenting an array of innovative, healthy choices both with and without wholesome grains for a balanced selection you can count on serving up with ease.”

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