Wellness Pet Company Invests in ICON Level Membership with the Pet Sustainability Coalition April 12, 2023

Wellness Pet Company Invests in ICON Level Membership with the Pet Sustainability Coalition

The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) welcomes pet food leader Wellness Pet Company to the organization’s highest tier of membership as an Icon member – joining 8 other brands as leaders in the transformation of the pet industry. “This is an exciting moment on our journey to create a world of sustainable goodness for pets and our planet,” said Greg Kean, Global VP of Innovation & Product Development at Wellness Pet.

“Wellness Pet has been a PSC member at the Guardian level since 2020, and this move to Icon membership demonstrates the company’s deepening commitment to sustainability. As an Accredited Member of PSC, they have demonstrated a transparent commitment to measure, verify and continuously improve their environmental and social impact,” said Anne Klein, PSC’s Director of Member Services. “Transitioning to Icon Membership broadcasts their leadership to the wider pet community.”

Icon members are leaders whose investment in PSC helps advance their company’s environmental and social performance while also being important contributors to PSC’s work on major systemic issues facing the pet industry. Wellness’s increased engagement will provide PSC with support to help advance its industry-wide priorities, which include sourcing sustainable ingredients, sustainable packaging and promoting a more diverse, equal and inclusive world.

“We believe that the mutual wellbeing of pets and their parents is intrinsically linked to environmental and social responsibility. That’s why, from our packaging to our plants and our people, we do our part to ensure the well-being of our planet,” said Kean.

Sustainability at Wellness Pet

Environmental and social sustainability are a key pillar of Wellness Pet’s purpose. Through a partnership with TerraCycle, they reduce the amount of their packaging in landfills and have committed to transition to recyclable packaging by 2025. They are leveraging solar technology, employing life cycle analysis studies and focused on minimizing food waste at our manufacturing facilities. Social impact initiatives include volunteer hours and community service, company fundraising runs, progressive employee benefits to foster wellness and a diverse and independent board of directors.


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