February 26, 2016

What to Expect at the 2015 Global Pet Expo: Oxbow Animal Health

Lucas Stock, communications manager for Oxbow Animal Health, shares his insights on what retailers can expect from Oxbow Animal Health at the Global Pet Expo. In addition to how the company differentiates from competitors through meeting pets’ needs and churning out innovation.


What kind of innovation can retailers expect to see from Oxbow Animal Health at this year’s Global Pet Expo?

We’re always excited to debut new products and packaging at Global, but perhaps never more than this year. Global attendees will want to stop by the New Product Showcase and the Oxbow booth to take a closer look at our new baked Simple Rewards treats and Pure Comfort paper bedding line. We’ll have another big surprise on display in both locations at the show.  We’d love to say more, but we’re going to keep it a surprise!


Which areas of the health and wellness category is Oxbow Animal Health planning to focus on this year?

Our commitment to meeting animals’ nutritional and environmental needs completely is reflected across our diverse and always growing product line. This year, we will continue to focus on all aspects of nutrition and environment. As new products go, our five baked treat varieties provide more great options for pet parents wanting to provide treats made with healthy, beneficial ingredients with no artificial preservatives or colors, or inappropriate “junk” ingredients.  

       A clean, healthy living environment is essential for all pets. With that in mind, we’re excited about our new Pure Comfort line of bedding. What makes this product so special is that it’s made of 100% never-printed paper and contains no additives. This assures pet parents that their beloved animals are resting, playing, and living on a clean, pure bedding material. We’ll have additional product announcements throughout the year, so we invite retailers to stay tuned!


How are Oxbow Animal Health’s latest innovations addressing consumer demands?

Consumer voices are so essential; they drive the market and, more importantly, speak on behalf of pets. We pay close attention to what consumers ask for, both directly and indirectly. Our decision to introduce Pure Comfort, for example, was influenced strongly by long-time requests from customers (at both the retail and consumer level) that Oxbow introduce a bedding. You speak, and we do our very best not just to listen, but to answer in the form of premium products, which make the lives of pets better.


What would you like retailers to get out of their experience with Oxbow Animal Health at the show?

We would like for all attendees (both those already familiar with Oxbow, and those who are just learning about us), to leave the show feeling like Oxbow is a brand they can trust, and one that they want to partner with now and for years to come. We hope they leave inspired to make more Oxbow products than ever available to their loyal customers.


How has Oxbow Animal Health applied what its has learned to help build momentum and create enthusiasm about its latest product offering leading up to the show?

We learn more about communicating with our customers each and every day. With our newest products, we’ve worked hard to get the word out across many media to educate and build excitement. We’ve been busy with trainings and education at the retail partner level and have hosted some fun social media contests to offer pet parents the opportunity to win the new products. We utilize traditional methods of reaching customers as well, including print and digital advertising and email campaigns. We are confident that these efforts, in conjunction with the always great crowd at Global, will result in great attendance and excitement at the show.


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