WHIMZEES All-Natural Dental Treats Introduce Daily Use Packs August 21, 2019

WHIMZEES All-Natural Dental Treats Introduce Daily Use Packs

WHIMZEES, manufacturer of all-natural dental treats for dogs, launched Daily Use Packs: conveniently portioned packs with one WHIMZEES dental treat for each day of the week. Daily Use Packs allow pet parents to purchase WHIMZEES dental treats in portions that not only encourage daily use, but are also convenient to administer.

Filled with the brand’s reimagined toothbrush shape, Brushzees, and offered in one-week, two-week and one-month supplies, the new pack sizes help pet parents easily care for their dog’s teeth daily. 

“When it comes to our own personal care, whether it’s brushing our teeth twice a day or taking a daily vitamin, we think about it in terms of time. We base our own habits around days, weeks and months, and now our WHIMZEES Daily Use Packs help us do the same when it comes to our dog’s dental care,” said Kristof Vlaeminck, senior director of global brand marketing for WHIMZEES. “The portion sizes of each pack will help pet parents make each day count when it comes to giving their dog the healthiest gums, cleanest teeth and freshest breath possible.” 

WHIMZEES, a non-GMO Project Verified brand, are specifically engineered for the way dogs chew and equipped with innovative grooves and ridges to help remove plaque and tarter. 

Daily Use Pack are available in three sizes, each with an SPR of $9.99: extra small (28 pieces for a four-week supply), small (14 pieces for a two-week supply) and medium (seven pieces for a one-week supply). The new Daily Use Packs will be available at select pet specialty retailers, independent retailers and online. WHIMZEES contain no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, preservatives, gluten, wheat, grain, GMOs or meat. 




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