WHIMZEES Promotes Dental Chews During Pet Dental Health Month February 6, 2020

WHIMZEES Promotes Dental Chews During Pet Dental Health Month

WHIMZEES, all-natural daily dental chews for dogs that are a part of the WellPet family of brands, is sharing data it gathered on pet parents’ general lack of awareness of periodontal disease in dogs during Pet Dental Health Month in February.

What many pet owners don’t know is that chronic bad breath in dogs is one of the most common signs of periodontal disease, impacting an estimated 80 percent of dogs by age three and resulting in gum infection, tooth pain and loss and malnourishment, according to a company press release. The company further discovered that 50 percent of pet parents don’t notice any signs of periodontal disease in their dogs.

According to the company survey, about a third, or 30 percent of pet parents have never taken their dog to the veterinarian for a professional cleaning, suggesting that pet parents are unaware of the importance of an oral health care routine for dogs: 

  • Just a third (29 percent) of pet parents use a toothbrush to brush and care for their dog’s teeth
  • Less than half (41 percent) of pet parents know that bad breath is a sign of periodontal disease in dogs
  • Only 12 percent of pet parents notice loose teeth and 17 percent notice bleeding or swollen gums

“Many pet parents don’t understand that bad bacteria can recolonize on a dog’s tooth surface in as little as 24 to 36 hours, so it’s not just dental care but daily dental care that is so important for our dogs,” said Rob Ashworth, senior brand manager for WHIMZEES. “WHIMZEES takes the frustration out of caring for your dog’s teeth, and with a long-lasting chew, dog’s teeth get a longer workout for greater bacteria resistance that will help keep their mouth disease-free. It only takes one WHIMZEES dental chew a day to establish a dental care routine, ensuring Fido has fresher breath, healthy gums and supreme oral hygiene for better overall health.”  

In time for National Pet Dental Health Month this February, WHIMZEES is reminding pet parents everywhere about the importance of a well-rounded, consistent oral care routine that includes daily brushing of a dog’s teeth, a visit to the vet each year for a dental check, and one all-natural WHIMZEES daily dental chew per day for optimum oral health.

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