March 28, 2024

Whiskas Promotes ‘New Breed’ of Dog to Support Cat Adoption

As cat breeding season pushes pet shelters to breaking point, global cat food brand, Whiskas has taken a novel approach to drive cat adoption: relaunching shelter cats as “Meowzers,” or a ‘new breed’ of dog.

According to a brand statement: “The world loves dogs. Yet people are searching in droves for dogs that don’t bark, don’t need to be walked, don’t need to be groomed and can stay at home while their companions are out. Dogs that sound suspiciously similar to a cat.”

The adoption campaign plays on the simple fact that humans everywhere might just be searching for something that doesn’t exist. Whiskas offers that the perfect dog might just be a cat.

The global adoption campaign, launching first in New Zealand, will use creative search optimization techniques, where humans searching online for their perfect pet, will be led to where they can learn more about this new “dog” breed.

Whiskas spokesperson Bianca Malcolm says the campaign is another way the company is working towards its global goal of ending pet homelessness.

“Rehoming a pet is difficult for both pets and pet parents, so it’s pivotal that pets are matched with their parents’ lifestyle,” she said. “Looking at search data, we noticed an interesting trend – people are looking for dogs that aren’t really like dogs at all. Meowzer is our way of drawing attention to this issue and encouraging responsible pet adoption in a playful way.”

The Meowzer website uses artificial intelligence and smart matching algorithms, much like those seen in dating apps, to accurately match Meowzer’s with the most suitable adopters.

Founder of cat rescue charity 9 Lives Orphanage, Alisha Sinclair, says animal shelters across the country continue to struggle with overcrowding and resource constraints.

“January through to April are the busiest breeding months for cats and many shelters will be almost at bursting point,” said Sinclair. “We know that cats too, can be man’s best friend. Cats can offer the same level of companionship but without many of the demands that come with dog ownership. We love that, through Meowzer, the Whiskas brand is encouraging people to think about responsible pet ownership during this busy period.”

As well as intercepting search, the Whiskas brand has recruited cat and dog owners to spread the word about the benefits of the Meowzer breed to fans on social media.

“If you’ve been putting off adopting a dog because of the work involved or just haven’t been able to find your perfect canine match, a Meowzer could be the option for you,” adds Sinclair.

The Meowzer was launched to the world by Founder of The Dogist, photographer and New York Times Best Selling Author, Elias Weiss Friedman, while popular audio creator Puppysongs created a Meowzer song to kick off #Meowzer on TikTok.

For more information or to connect with a Meowzer near you, click here.

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