October 27, 2023

Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition Joins Pet Sustainability Coalition to Drive Sustainable Pet Industry Practices

Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition, a leading provider of innovative animal nutrition solutions, has joined the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), an industry organization dedicated to promoting sustainability and responsible business practices within the pet food industry.

“Caring for our customers and pets has always been our priority and joining PSC is a testament of our commitment to our customers,” said Nick Braden, Vice President of Pet Nutrition at Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition. “By joining the coalition, we’re committed to working with our partners and customers to provide sustainable products and services.”

Anne Klein, Executive Member Services Specialist at PSC, said: “We are incredibly excited to have Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition become a member of PSC. As pet food and treat producers continue to address consumer demands for more sustainable products, they are looking for supplier partners who are taking meaningful steps to advance their social responsibility and environmental footprint. By joining PSC, Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition is not only advancing their own work, they are supporting the pet industry as we create a more sustainable future.”

As a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition will have access to valuable resources, best practices and a community of like-minded organizations committed to sustainability. This partnership will help ensure customers will have access to sustainable products and services and enable Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition to:

  • Enhance Sustainable Sourcing: Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition will continue to prioritize responsibly sourced ingredients and collaborate with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability.
  • Reduce Our Environmental Footprint: Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition will work toward reducing its carbon emissions, water usage and waste in its manufacturing and distribution processes.
  • Drive Industry Change: Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition will collaborate with other PSC members to advance sustainable practices and set industry benchmarks.

“Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition’s partnership with PSC reaffirms our dedication to sustainability and ethical business practices,” said Matt Fanta, President of the Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition business. “This partnership signifies a significant step in our sustainability journey, ensuring that pets and their owners can count on us to provide nutrition solutions that are not only effective but responsible.”

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