May 12, 2020

Wisdom Health Genetics Rolls Out Enhanced Dog DNA Tests

Wisdom Health Genetics, the world’s leader in pet genetics and makers of the Wisdom Panel dog DNA tests, announced today the launch of two new and improved dog DNA tests: the Wisdom Panel Essential test and the Wisdom Panel Premium test.

The Wisdom Panel Essential test is geared toward pet parents who have recently adopted a puppy or a “new to you” dog, offering breed, traits and more than 25 actionable health tests, providing information to help you and your veterinarian manage your dog’s medical care. The Wisdom Panel Premium test provides all that the Wisdom Panel Essential version does, plus health analysis including more than 250 health and trait tests. The results of both tests are ready in as little as two weeks.

Both Wisdom Panel tests detect genetic contributions from more than 350 breeds, types and varieties to offer the most comprehensive breed analysis on the market. All Wisdom Panel test results include a detailed breed analysis down to 1 percent specificity and a family tree that traces a dogs’ ancestry back to its great-grandparents.

The tests analyze more than 35 traits, revealing information on coat color and type, body features and ideal adult weight range. Wisdom Panel kits also offer a suite of health tests, including those for genetic conditions that could affect routine veterinary care, such as spaying and neutering or medication selections.

Developed by leading veterinarians and geneticists, the tests provide health information that pet parents can share with their veterinarians to support veterinary care.

By using data from our extensive breed database, reporting breed mix down to 1 percent specificity and testing for potentially life-altering genetic conditions, both Wisdom Panel Essential and Premium provide fascinating insights about humankind’s best friends and enable pet parents to make better-informed healthcare, training and nutrition choices for their dogs.

In addition to the ancestry, health and trait information provided by Wisdom Panel Essential testing, Wisdom Panel Premium takes health screening a step further; it includes more than 200 health tests and provides an in-depth report for pet parents, dog breeders and veterinarians alike regarding possible drug sensitivities, vision, weight and mobility considerations and more to support proactive pet care at each stage of a dog’s life.

“We’re thrilled to offer pet parents everywhere simple, affordable options for learning more about their pets and to work more closely with veterinarians to improve pets’ care and wellness,” said Audrey Yoo, General Manager of Wisdom Health Genetics. “We’re proud to be a leader in the practical application of the science of dog DNA and the new Wisdom Panel tests continue to help us make progress toward our ultimate purpose: A better world for pets.”

Wisdom Health Genetics has a robust team of researchers who work with leading academic and scientific institutions worldwide to help improve pet parents’ bonds with their pets, as well as the life and health of pets, through DNA insights.

As the dog DNA service most-used by veterinarians, Wisdom Health Genetics has tested nearly 2 million dogs and is the only commercially licensed US provider of MDR1 gene mutation screening – a test developed by Washington State University to detect medication sensitivity in dogs.

Both Wisdom Panel tests are available now and require only a simple cheek swab to collect a dog’s DNA. The swab is then sent for analysis via pre-paid shipping. To order a kit and/or learn more about the company and both testing options, please visit

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