October 18, 2023

Worldwise Announces Corporate Rebrand to PetWise

Worldwise, Inc., a leading pet industry provider of solution-based pet products, has today announced its strategic rebranding to PetWise, marking what is expected to be a new chapter of growth, operational enhancement and an invigorated commitment to its partners and consumers.

Over the last several years, the Company’s strategic growth initiatives have enriched its portfolio with an even broader array of pet-centric brands, enhancing its offerings for customers globally. Today, PetWise maintains a compelling product portfolio that spans numerous categories such as pet chews, treats, toys, litter accessories, pet bedding and more. Beyond product expansion, this rebrand reflects the operational advancements, cohesive identity and brand integration that the Company has worked to achieve.

Kevin Fick, CEO of PetWise, remarked on this milestone, saying, “This rebranding is not just a name change; it’s a reflection of our evolution and ambition. It encapsulates our strategic growth, the integration of pivotal acquisitions and an unwavering commitment to our brands. Adopting the PetWise identity demonstrates our unified vision and clear purpose to drive greater innovation and forge deeper connections with our partners and customers. We are not only ready for the future – we are shaping it.”

For its retail partners, PetWise presents a vision of collaborative growth. While the Company’s name has changed, its commitment to exceptional customer service, product innovation and fulfillment rates remains steadfast. As PetWise, the Company is set on deepening its investment in product development, omnichannel capabilities and branding. With the right organizational resources and leadership in place, PetWise believes it is prepared to scale and drive shared successes.

“We’ve closely collaborated with the Worldwise team over the past two years to support the transformation into PetWise,” said Ryan McCarthy, Partner, A&M Capital Partners, majority owner of PetWise. “Looking ahead, we expect to see PetWise further expanding its footprint, pioneering innovations and setting new standards in the pet supplies market.”

As the Company builds on its legacy of quality and innovation, it remains dedicated to serving the evolving needs of pets and their devoted owners.

To learn more about PetWise, its portfolio of award-winning brands and multi-category leadership, please visit PetWise Brands.

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