August 11, 2023

Worldwise, Inc. to Launch Treatly, An Expansive Collection of Dog Treats and Chews, at SuperZoo

Worldwise, Inc., a pet industry leader of solution-based pet products, is announcing the launch of Treatly, a new brand of pet treats and chews.

Worldwise will launch Treatly at SuperZoo 2023 (Aug. 16-18) in Booth #7630, showcasing the full assortment of consumable pet treats and chews offered across nine unique product lines in fresh, eye-catching packaging.

This launch follows the company’s acquisition of Pet Factory in 2022, which gained Worldwise a best-in-class US-based treat manufacturing and distribution facility.

Made from time-tested, all-natural, high-quality ingredients and crafted using the highest human-grade food standards, Treatly’s wide range of chews and treats are a pure and simple way to a dog’s heart and provide the ultimate bonding moment.

Treatly’s growing line of treats and chews include: 

  • 100 percent USA Made Beefhide
  • American Sourced Beefhide
  • Long Lasting Collagen Chews
  • Soft & Moist Treats: Beef, Chicken & Salmon recipes with Collagen
  • Combo Chews: Creative meat wrapped long lasting chews
  • IncrediChews: Rawhide Free Chews
  • Enhanced Collagen Chews: Innovative Collagen chews that support pet health
  • Freeze-Dried: Treats & toppers with the benefits of added Collagen
  • Plantwise: Innovative Vegan Dog treats

Treatly will be accompanied by many other new products and solutions from established brands in the Worldwise portfolio, such as: SHERPA, FurHaven, Instincts by SmartyKat, goDog, TrustyPup and Kitty Sift.

“With the launch of Treatly at SuperZoo 2023, Worldwise earns its next opportunity to be a leader in the chew and treat category, offering not only great products but strategic manufacturing and distribution capabilities and strong customer relationships,” said Kevin Fick, Chief Executive Officer, Worldwise. “Our Worldwise team is thrilled to expand into the consumables category with Treatly, and we look forward to the continued growth and momentum across our strong portfolio.”

“At Worldwise, our driving mission is to create high-quality, thoughtfully designed products and solutions that meet the needs that pet-parents demand and expect from a brand perspective,” added Jeff Sutherland, Chief Operating Officer, Worldwise. “Our newest brand launch of Treatly is no exception, offering retailers and buyers an expansive line of premium chews and treats that dogs will love at a great value they can pass along to their customers.”

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