July 6, 2023

  American Pet Products Association Members Share Feline Products and Offerings

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) has compiled a list of recommended member feline products and offerings in time for National Kitten Day approaching on July 10.

“According to the 2023-2024 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, an estimated 46.5 million US households own a cat, remaining steady from the 2021-2022 Survey,” said APPA President and CEO Peter Scott. “Whether you are looking for a toy, treat, food, health product or litter box, APPA members have you covered throughout all stages of a cat’s life.”

Read on for a list of cat products for pets and their owners, courtesy of APPA members:

Food – Make sure your cats are nourished and satisfied with an array of meals and flavors. Natural Balance’s Limited Ingredient Dry Recipes and Limited Ingredient Wet Recipes for cats are created with ingredient-sensitive pets in mind, featuring single-source animal proteins like chicken, duck, omega-rich salmon and carefully selected carbohydrates, while Platefulls For Cats are savory wet food entrees crafted with the premium ingredients. For a raw food diet, check out MozPet 1st Moz, offering 100 percent fresh, natural meat in beef and chicken options. Portland Pet Food Company Boots’ Salmon N’ Pumpkin Homestyle Cat Meal is a human-grade, shelf-stable wet cat food that is both highly nutritious and exceptionally palatable. And Wellness Pet Food Company has you covered with Wellness CORE Signature SelectsWellness Bowl Boosters Shreds with Broth and Wellness Complete Health Chicken & Turkey Pate Favorites, all of which deliver the variety your cat craves with ingredients specific to your cat’s needs, from hydration boosts to added protein and fatty acids.

Treats – From land to sea, cats deserve a little delicacy every once in a while. Available in chicken, duck, beef and pumpkin flavors, PureBites 100 percent Pure Patés are simple and smooth with only one to two simple human grade ingredients. Caru Daily Dish Smoothies Treats for Cats are irresistibly creamy, lickable treats crafted with premium ingredients and do not contain artificial preservatives or colors, added salt or sugar. Packed with whole animal, butcher-cut protein, Vital Essentials’ Freeze-dried Minnows Cat Treats are full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals – perfect for a guilt-free treat. Solid Gold Pet’s SeaMeal Squeeze Variety Pack are made with a unique combination of fiber-rich seaweed for digestive health and flaxseed for healthy skin and coat. Even the pickiest of eaters will go crazy for this delicious burst of creamy, ocean flavor!

Toys – Embrace cats’ and kittens’ natural instinct to play with toys of varying sizes and attributes. ZippyPaws offers a line of cat toys, ZippyClaws, with a number of different toy options, including the BurrowCatnip CrusherzKickerz and NomNomz. Give the Pet Caster Cat Casting Toy a go, with a tangle-free rod that extends to 29 inches and includes two teaser toys for daily fun and exercise. Or celebrate “Taco Tuesday” every day with the Ruff & Whiskerz Fish Taco Cat Toymade with long-last materials and catnip for added fun.

Kitten Products – The youngest of our feline friends sometimes need some extra love! Pet-Ag Goat’s Milk KMR Kitten Milk Replacer Liquid and Shelter’s Choice Kitten Milk Replacer both offer nourishment through gentle, easy to digest formulas for kittens or as a supplement for adult cats needing additional nutrients or support. Lickable, wet treats like INABA Churu for Kitten are full of added nutrients and designed for hand feeding to help pet parents bond with their new kitten. Kittens will be delighted with Made by Nacho’s Mind Kitten Wet Cat Food with extra protein and fat and enhanced DHA to support cognitive development.

Home Products Richell’s Cat Safety Gate in White gives pet parents peace of mind that their feline friends are safe with its extra-tall, 70-inch design that fits common dimensions of hallways and doors. At the same time, the Cat Foldable Ladder features a hammock and four steps for jumping, climbing and perching, all in a foldable design that makes it easy to move, clean and store anytime. Discourage cats from scratching and chewing with Tough Stuff Cat Repellent Spray. This long-lasting, animal-safe formula uses natural scents with bitter additives to establish indoor and outdoor training boundaries. The Prevue Pet Products 7500 Premium Cat Home with Four Levels is a safe, secure space ideal for fostering, introducing cats to new homes or keeping pets apart as needed with four levels and easy-open doors. With a 2.5-liter capacity, the Nugget Lite Cat Water Fountain filters water to keep it fresh with a quiet, energy-efficient USB-powered pump.

Crates, Beds and Travel Carriers – Find the perfect product for your cat to lay their head to rest at home and on the go. Carolina Pet Company’s Kitty TeePee boasts an easy, accessible doorway with faux sherpa cushion for the best in creature comforts. The Purr Padd and Mysterious Kitty Kuddler work great on furniture or anywhere your cat likes to sleep, featuring ultra-soft, polyester pads that absorb heat and electrostatic charge to trap dirt and dust. For traveling felines, the Mirapet Collapsible Pet Crate (Small) features hard sides for more pet protection and collapses for easy storage. For the mini adventurer with a big spirit, “The Fat Cat” Mini Cat Backpack by Travel Cat is designed for felines up to 15 pounds and made of durable oxford cotton and strong mesh windows so your cat can follow you on all of life’s adventures.

Grooming Products – Get your feline friend looking its best with the KITPLUS Skincare Pet Dryer Box with low noise operation for a relaxed grooming experience and a smart control panel for easy adjustment of drying time and temperature. If your cat suffers from skin allergies, try Skout’s Honor Cat Probiotic Grooming Kit – Honeysuckle, which contains ear cleaner, deodorizer spray, shampoo and conditioner for a gentle, moisturizing clean.

Skin and Ear Care – Maintain skin and ear health with the help of products like Healers PetCare Healers Eye and Ear Wash Solution, a two-in-one chemical-free, non-irritating, non-stinging solution that helps wash away eye and ear irritants. ZYMOX for Cats & Kittens, which holds The International Cat Association’s (TICA) Endorsement of Excellence, features enzymatic products that address common ear and skin issues for cats of all ages. Containing both Manuka honey and medical-grade MicroSilver BG, the Silver Honey Rapid Vet Strength Ear Treatment is full of powerful and natural antimicrobials that help relieve pain and protect the ear.

Wellness Products – Monitor your cat’s health with innovative tools. The ActivPhy Hip + Joint Mobility Collar releases active ingredients that are slowly and continually absorbed to provide always-on joint support. Or, an at-home test like PETJOA Kitty-Medi-Check can help detect hematuria, proteinuria and alkalinuria, allowing pet parents to address concerns more quickly. Treat burns, scrapes, cuts, bites and hot spots with HoneyCure, an ointment that not only soothes your pet’s wounds but also acts as a barrier against germs, dirt and debris.

Calming Products – Specifically formulated to reduce stress in cats, Zesty Paws Calming Bites are made with high-quality and natural ingredients like L-theanine, chamomile, ashwagandha, L-tryptophan, melatonin and valerian root to promote calmness and composure regardless of the situation or environment. Liquid-Vet Feline Calm & Content Formulas also contain high levels of magnesium, L-theanine, MSM and Vitamin E to help support normal behavior and promote relaxation for restless cats.

Vitamins & Supplements – From immunity boosts to digestive aids, there are plenty of products available to help pet parents address their cat’s needs. For cats with allergies, try Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites for Cats, thoughtfully formulated with high-quality and natural ingredients known for their allergy-fighting and immune-boosting properties. Tackle hairball formation with Zesty Paws Hairball Bites for Cats. Keep gut issues at bay with KittyGutKittyBiome S. boulardii + FOS Powder and Liquid-Vet Feline Pre & PostBiotic Digestive Aid. A liquid solution that is both odorless and tasteless, Vitalize Trixsyn Feline is designed to support hip and joint health. For pet parents who need to administer medication, simply transform a pill into a treat with Stashios Wrap-Ups.

Collars – Try out a tail we could wag Cat CollarOmniPet Signature Leather Cat Collar or Safe Cat Fashion Heartbreaker Collar, all designed with cat safety in mind with breakaway buckles and bells in a variety of fun, colorful materials and options.

Litter and Litter Boxes – Many cat owners have a love-hate relationship with litter and boxes, but these products can help ease some pain points. PAW TRAX High Wall Cat Litter Box XL by Richell is extra-wide and spacious with high walls designed to prevent spills, spraying accidents and litter scatter. Up your litter game with Dofu Cat Tofu Litter, an all-natural litter made of food-grade ingredients; ökocat Original Premium Clumping Wood Cat Litter, a superior natural litter made entirely from sustainably sourced, responsibly rescued natural wood fiber that absorbs liquid on contact; or Boxiecat Glo Natural Attractions Cat Litter, the first cat litter that combines a scientifically proven visual attractant, an olfactory attractant and Boxiecat‘s trademark paw-feel attractants to encourage proper litter box behavior and consistent use. Smart products can also help track health concerns, like the CATLINK AI Litter Box-Scooper Luxury PRO-X (CL-08), a remote controlled, self-cleaning litter with health insights using the Catlink App. Finally, make clean up easy with the Red Rocket PURRR Litter Twist’R, a large capacity, odor-free litter disposal system fit for any home.

For more information, product samples, images or interview opportunities, email APPA@fwv-us.com.

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