September 29, 2016

Bentley’s Pet Stuff Acquires Moochie & Co. and Pet Food Zoom

Yesterday, Bentley’s Pet Stuff announced its most recent acquisitions, Moochie & Co. and Pet Food Zoom, furthering Bentley’s expansion plans. With these latest acquisitions, Bentley’s moves into the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky markets in acquiring Moochie & Co. and continues to expand within the Chicago market in acquiring Pet Food Zoom.

Moochie & Co. is a small format pet specialty store that has 11 mall-based stores located in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Since 2004, Moochie & Co. has partnered with pet owners as they provide high quality nutritional pet food, treats and supplements to enrich pets’ lives. Combing the companies will allow Bentley’s to further our mission to educate owners about optimal nutrition for their pets in vibrant, high-traffic settings, said Giovanni Senafe of Bentley’s Pet Stuff. “It’s a win-win,” Senafe said.

With this acquisition, Chetan Bhuta, owner of Moochie & Co., and his entire staff will stay with the company and continue to serve pet owners. All of us at Moochie & Co. are really excited about the future this collaboration will bring, said Chetan Bhuta of Moochie & Co. “Bentley’s focus on high-quality products is highly compatible with our vision,” Bhuta said.

Additionally, Bentley’s announced that they have acquired Pet Food Zoom. Pet Food Zoom is a web-based pet retailer that delivers high-quality pet food to their customers throughout Chicago. Since 2008, Pet Food Zoom’s mission is to make finding healthy, natural food for pets more convenient and economical for pet owners. We’ve offered food delivery in our Chicago stores for about a year now, Senafe said. “This partnership with Pet Food Zoom opens up this fantastic service to more than 20 Illinois stores,” he said. “Further, it is a model we can learn from and adopt in our other sales regions across the country.” As Pet Food Zoom’s goals align with Bentley’s, Tom Pantano, owner of Pet Food Zoom, and his staff will remain to continue expanding their reach within the Chicago area.

Bentley’s Pet Stuff continues to expand into new markets and grow its store footprint. As the Ohio and Kentucky markets complement Bentley’s mission, the pet retailer will continue their expansion plans by adding 12 more stores to these markets by the end of the year.

“We are really proud to partner with Moochie & Co. and Pet Food Zoom and know these mergers will positively impact pet health in the area and, really, that’s what we are all about,” Senafe said.

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