Bernie’s Best Launches New Flavors and Sizes at Global Pet Expo March 5, 2020

Bernie’s Best Launches New Flavors and Sizes at Global Pet Expo

Bernie’s Best, makers of natural digestion support supplements for dogs, showcased their expanded product line at the recently wrapped Global Pet Expo. Bernie’s Perfect Poop is a revolutionary blend of sun-cured miscanthus grass and other healthy fibers, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes. Bernie’s introduced their new chicken flavor, alongside the original natural cheddar cheese flavored product. Bernie’s also unveiled new packaging sizes (4.2 oz. and 30 oz. packages) to complement the current 12.8 oz. size after hearing from customers with various sized breeds.

“The feedback has been tremendous,” Jim Finnigan, Bernie’s Best President and Founder. “Our customers are aware and proactive when it comes to their pet’s digestive health, wanting to both help alleviate common digestion issues while providing the basis for long-term overall health. We’ve heard from many pet parents thanking us for helping their pets become healthier, happier and more active. There is a major scientific movement in understanding how the gut microbiome interacts with all major body functions and that has progressed into consumer driven products across human companion animal sectors. Bernie’s Perfect Poop is an ideal product for educated pet owners who are coming to realize how vital and healthy gut is.”

Bernie’s proprietary formula is unique and novel in that it provides an optimal combination of digestive support ingredients, eliminating the need for dog owners to buy and mix multiple separate supplements for the same effect. Bernie’s Perfect Poop formula is specifically designed for dogs that support healthy digestion, enhance immune system health, increase the absorption of nutrients and improve stool quality. It is produced in a dry, granular bit and is easily served on top of your dog’s current meals.

Bernie’s Perfect Poop comes as easy to serve grass bits, is produced in the US using current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and is sold in BPA-Free resealable 4.2 oz., 12.8 oz. and 30 oz. pouches. All ingredients are sourced to be all-natural, non-GMO, grain-free and gluten-free.

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