June 24, 2020

Charlotte’s Web Partners with Dr. Kwane Stewart, “The Street Vet”

Charlotte’s Web announced today a new partnership with Dr. Kwane Stewart, known to many as ‘The Street Veterinarian’ based on his history of compassionate activism providing pro bono healthcare to pets of the homeless. The 22-year practicing veterinarian now serves as Charlotte’s Web’s official spokesperson for its popular line of hemp-derived CBD pet products. Stewart’s tireless and caring efforts in helping homeless pets earned him the moniker, “The Street Vet” and he now has his own online reality TV series of the same name and has been a guest on The Dr. Oz Show, CNN and CBS News.

Charlotte’s Web has made a substantial contribution to Dr. Stewart’s 501c3 nonprofit organization to expand his outreach beyond California and fulfill his mission of pet care for all nationwide.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Charlotte’s Web and its amazing team of animal lovers! I’m passionate about educating pet owners about the ongoing CBD research that is showing promising results for better wellness and comfort,” said Stewart. “I want to also send a heartfelt thanks to Charlotte’s Web for its generous donation to my ongoing mission to help the pets of our homeless population. It will surely make a huge difference in the lives of the pets and their owners.”

Charlotte’s Web will collaborate with Stewart to educate pet owners and promote natural wellness and care. The first of these free educational programs kicks off this Friday, June 26 at 11 a.m. MST as part of the company’s ‘Searching for Answers” series. To sign up for the ‘Experts Live’- Easing Pet Stress With Dr. Kwane Stewart” live and interactive webinar, link here. Learn how to ease your furry friend’s stress and to provide calming solutions, especially during a peak stress time for canines with the Fourth of July holiday.

Charlotte’s Web CEO Deanie Elsner, said “The Street Vet’s years of veterinary experience and compassionate service to healing pets, makes this doctor and activist an ideal ambassador for Charlotte’s Web’s pet products.”

Homeless pets often have limited access to medical checkups and vaccines, endure poor nutritional health and enhanced street noises, among other stressors. Serving as Charlotte’s Web’s official Pet Vet Ambassador, Stewart will utilize the company’s products to help homeless pets and educate veterinarians around the country about hemp derived CBD products for pets.

A graduate of the renowned Colorado State University Veterinary program, Stewart has been a practicing vet for 22 years throughout California. Stewart has been sought out for his expertise by companies like Disney, United Airlines and SeaWorld for guidance on how to improve their animal care standards. He is a well-known media personality for animal safety and advocacy issues, having appeared on CNN, The Dr. Oz Show and CBS News. An online reality TV series, “The Street Vet,” chronicles his pro bono veterinary services to homeless pets and their owners.

His journey started in 1997 as an associate and emergency clinician in San Diego. From there he became the Chief Medical Officer of Vetco Hospitals. Next, he ran a struggling municipal shelter as County Veterinarian and reversed one of the worst euthanasia rates in the country. Most recently, he completed a six-year stint as the Chief Veterinary Officer of American Humane and as Director of their legacy program, No Animals Were Harmed, protecting more than 100,000 animals annually on film and TV sets around the world. Last year, Stewart created a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $100,000 to treat homeless pets needing dental extractions, tumor removal, ear infections, flea removal, vaccines, spaying and neutering and more serious surgeries. Inspired by his efforts, the fundraising site named him their GoFundMe Hero for the month of February 2020

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