August 28, 2023

Cresilon Announces Distribution Agreement for VETIGEL with Penn Veterinary Supply

Cresilon Inc., a Brooklyn-based biotechnology company focused on hemostatic medical device technologies, has entered into a distribution agreement for its hemostatic gel, VETIGEL, to be sold directly to veterinarians through Penn Veterinary Supply, an independent US regional distributor of veterinary products and services.

Cresilon’s VETIGEL – a plant-based hemostatic gel that instantly stops and controls bleeding without the need to apply manual pressure – is now available for veterinarians through Penn Veterinary Supply. Since the product’s debut in 2021, licensed veterinarians across the US and UK have increasingly used VETIGEL as the fastest and most effective hemostatic agent when treating animals for traumatic wounds and routine and complex surgical procedures, including dental extractions, liver biopsies, tumor and mass removals, cleft palate repairs and amputations.

“Our partnership with Penn Vet will help us provide more veterinarians with a revolutionary hemostatic gel that significantly improves the standard of care for pets and animals,” said Matt Lewis, Director of Veterinary Development and Sales at Cresilon. “VETIGEL has been used by thousands of veterinarians thus far and is proven to help patients heal and recover faster while helping veterinary clinics and animal hospitals save time, reduce operating costs and improve patient outcomes.”

Laura Williams, Penn Veterinary Supply, Director of Sales and Marketing said, “Penn Veterinary Supply is excited to add VETIGEL to our portfolio of hemostatic technologies. We are always eager to partner with a company like Cresilon that is bringing new and innovative products to the veterinary industry. VETIGEL offers an opportunity to substantially improve patient outcomes and that is a win for veterinarians and the animals they serve. We look forward to working together.”

VETIGEL offers veterinarians a safe and effective way to control bleeding across multiple types of bleeds and a wide range of surgical procedures in Animal Health. The veterinary hemostatic agent is a hydrogel made of two plant-based polysaccharides that stop bleeding immediately at the wound site, the non-porous gel adheres and does not integrate with the robust fibrin patch forming an instant mechanical barrier to stop bleeding on contact without manual pressure, preparation or special storage conditions.

The plant-based hemostatic gel is supplied in a pre-filled syringe, is easy-to-use and requires no preparation or special storage conditions. For more information about VETIGEL, visit VETIGEL.


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