September 15, 2022

New Pet Lifestyle Brand Yummers Launches

Yummers, the new omni-channel pet lifestyle brand, has launched their first line of premium products that inspire and enable pet parents to create extra-ordinary moments with their pets. Yummers includes 18 varieties of high-quality food mix-ins for both dogs and cats, that add more flavor, variety and nutrients to pets’ bowls, for a complete and healthy meal. The majority of the more than 90 million pet parents in the US believe that pet parenting is not only about health but also making sure their pet is as happy as possible. Designed with that happiness in mind, Yummers amplifies pets’ existing food and enhances the feeding experience with a little extra love. Yummers will help the most indulgent pet parents give their pets their best life. Rebecca Frechette Rudisch, pet and consumer products leader, joined forces with Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness, devoted pet parents and the stars of Netflix’s Emmy award-winning series “Queer Eye.” All were guided by their own pets and their passion for giving pets their best life. Antoni is dad to rescue pup Neon, Jonathan is the proud parent to five rescue cats and two rescue dogs and Rebecca is mom to Will, an extraordinary Goldendoodle.

“Some of the most rewarding relationships in my life have been with my pets and they have enriched my life beyond words,” said Co-Founder Jonathan Van Ness. “We have bonded over our love for animals and we want Yummers to help people give all the joy and love back to their pets that they give to us.”

Co-Founder Antoni Porowski echoes the same sentiment, “I’m so thrilled to partner with Jonathan and Rebecca to create Yummers, a truly unique and joyful approach to pet parenting. I am so grateful to have spent most of my life around dogs and care deeply for their nutrition and overall well-being because they have given and taught me so much. Food is all about love and connection and I’ve found that it’s truly one of the best ways to show how much you care about your pet.”

“Pets deserve an incredible life and that begins at mealtime. At Yummers, we celebrate the joy, pride and fulfillment pet parents feel when they provide the best care and life experience for their pets,” said Co-Founder Rebecca Frechette Rudisch.

Petco is the exclusive retailer to offer Yummers products at more than 1,000 locations and

“We’re thrilled to bring even more high-quality, innovative nutrition options to our curated assortment with the introduction of the Yummers line to Petco pet care centers nationwide,” said Shari White, Senior Vice President of Merchandising, Consumables, at Petco. “At Petco, we’re committed to improving the lives of pets through a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to their health and wellness and Yummers’ focus on pets’ nourishment, happiness and overall wellbeing is completely aligned with our mission.”

Many pet parents are not interested in switching their preferred food but with Yummers they can transform any pet’s meal from a boring, everyday bowl into an exciting experience. Yummers uses only the highest-quality ingredients that are grain-free and meat-first. The “Gourmet Mix-Ins” offer freeze-dried single-ingredient proteins and tender morsels in flavors such as Chicken, Beef Liver, Cheddar Cheese, Salmon & Sweet Potato and Turkey & Cranberry. The “Functional Mix-ins” supplement pets’ meals with extra nutrients and address common health needs including Skin & Coat as well as Digestive and Heart. With a variety of mouth-watering flavors to choose from, Yummers offers endless ways to switch it up every day, mixing and matching flavor combinations to keep pets interested, happy and satisfied. The process is as simple as it gets – just pour the recommended serving size over the food and mix it in.

Yummers products are sourced, manufactured and packaged in the USA, in a state-of-the-art facility. The brand uses sustainable printing inks and earth-friendly, PCR (post-consumer recycled) packaging to reduce landfill waste.

Yummers is available for purchase at Yummers Pets, with an option to subscribe for auto-ship online. Yummers is also available on Petco and Petco locations nationwide.



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