August 24, 2020

Pet Health Products Company for Small and Large Animals Joins Forces to Give Rescued Dogs a New Life

Pet King Brands, Inc., a leading pet health products company owned and operated by Austin businesswoman and animal welfare advocate Pamela K Bosco, has stepped up to cover the costly medical expenses of a badly abused dog recently rescued in Austin, Texas. Found by the group T.R.A.P.R.S. Trapping, Rescue, and Pet Recovery Service, the company has partnered with T.R.A.P.R.S to assist in the campaign to rehabilitate and help the rescued dog, now named Penny, find a forever home.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an uptick in pet adoptions and fostering across the United States, yet there are many cases of reported animal cruelty and animals still in need of a loving home. The pandemic has also forced many businesses to be conservative in spending and unable to contribute to community causes.

Bosco, Pet King Brands’ president and owner, refused to turn a deaf ear when the pleas for financial help sounded. Bosco has built a pet-centric business that has been helping animals nationwide for more than twenty years find relief from painful ear, skin and mouth conditions with its veterinarian-recommended ZYMOX Ear and Skin and Oratene Brushless Oral Care products. An avid animal lover, Bosco has an unwavering commitment to helping animals live healthy, happy lives.

“I found inspiration to start my business because of the love I have for all animals and especially for a German Shepherd rescue who had chronic ear infections more than 20 years ago,” said Bosco. “When I saw the call for help for Penny, I knew I had to help this sweet animal get the medical attention she required so she could find a loving, forever home and family who would adopt her.”

Penny, a name given to the mastiff mix because of her beautiful copper coloring, was found underweight and badly injured in a local park. Her injuries required surgery to repair damage due to suspected blunt force trauma and being sprayed with buckshot.

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