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MyFamily has given the possibility to customize quickly each ID tag directly at the point of sale. This unprecedented advantage enables customers and retailers to engrave the ID tag thanks to Techla, the revolutionary instant engraver machine, giving the possibility to choose what to write and the style through a user-friendly interface. All this in two minutes! Handcrafted care, creativity, technology innovation and a touch of madness are, together with the Made in Italy value, the ingredients distinguishing MyFamily ID tags from the other. The array of products keeps growing every year with new collections, and it doesn’t affect only the ID tags. Today, MyFamily produce also collars and leashes that delight customers with the high quality of materials and metal finishes combined with some patented features, easing the attachment and giving more comfort to the animal. There are also products available for pet owners, as the fantastic leatherette keyrings, meticulously finished off in every detail.

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"Ascot" Collection - Premium quality woven leather collars & leashes



Ascot collars and leashes are made with 100% Italian leather. They are manufactured and hand-braided at the MyFamily production facility in Valenza, Italy. The collection is inspired by Ascot, an English town known for its famous hippodrome and its passion for horses, whose manes are often exquisitely braided. Ascot collars and leashes are available in three colors: brown, red and black. Besides their beauty MyFamily has designed these products with desired functionality: including the comfortable Tag Holder that allows you to easily attach the tag to the collars, and the Always Ready D-Ring, which springs back into position making it easy to attach the leash.   View our full catalogue here:
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"El Paso" Collection - Premium quality embossed leather collars & leashes



MyFamliy's El Paso collars and leashes are 100% Italian, designed and manufactured at our factory in Valenza, but they recall the American Southwest. With embossed leather, embellished with accurate seams which complement the antique English or silver solid brass hardware, this collection looks like it might belong on a west Texas ranch. Each collar is adorned with an ornately engraved buckle that shows off MyFamily’s extensive experience in metal processing, and includes functional features like the Always Ready D-ring which springs back into position by itself, easing the process of attaching the leash, and the useful Tag Holder, for your pet's ID Tag, that makes it easy to see and lets it hang straight from the collar.   View our full catalogue here:
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"West Point" Collection - Poly-cotton collars & leashes



Every MyFamily collar & leash is 100% Italian, manufactured in Valenza with the utmost craftsmanship. They are designed to meet the needs of each customer and give greater style and comfort to our four-legged friends. The West Point collection is made with Premium Italian Nylon, characterized in camouflage design, with Antique English solid brass hardware. West Point collars are also enhanced with two unique features: The Always Ready D-Ring that springs back to position, easing the process of attaching the leash, and the handy Tag-Holder, a special place for attaching an ID tag so that it is visible and hangs straight.   View our full catalogue here:
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"Tucson" Collection - Premium quality textured leather collars & leashes



They never go unnoticed! The collars and leashes of MyFamily's Tucson collection are made with 100% genuine Italian leather and characterized by the irregularities of the natural material, rich colors and beautiful antique silver finished solid brass hardware. Available in blue, red, gray and brown, with each color complementing the texture of the leather in its own way. The collars also include functional features like the useful Tag Holder for attaching your pet's ID Tag, so it is always visible and hanging straight. And the Always Ready D-ring, that springs back into position, easing the process of attaching the leash, creating the utmost convenience for the owner and absolute comfort for their four-legged partner!   View our full catalogue here:
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