Ball Toy Plus

The Tennis Ball Toy Plus is a tough toy designed for use with the outdoor Tether Tug, the handheld EasyTug or it can also be used as a regular toy for dogs to play with. Made for medium to large dogs to easily grab and pull and created specifically with aggressive chewers in mind. The rope is wrapped in a durable firehose material mesh fabric that can withstand some of the toughest chewers and we use safely recycled tennis balls for this attachment to help reduce our carbon pawprint.

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Tough Squeaker

Tether Tug


Dogs love this Bite Tug Toy attachment that SQUEAKS! It's designed to hold up to tough chewers of all sizes! Made with durable, thick nylon rope and wrapped in ballistic-like nylon woven material, it was designed to attach to the Tether Tug, the EasyTug, or can be used as a handheld tug toy. Available individually or in a 3-pack.
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Additional Fleece Toy

Tether Tug


The Braided Fleece Tether Toy is designed for use with any Tether Tug. The Fleece Toy is ideal for puppies and smaller dogs because it is easy to grab and pull the Tether Tug. The Fleece is stretchy and soft so it's easy on their small mouths. We use neon yellow and turquoise because dogs are able to see these colors and it may be more stimulating for them. Our Promise
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Additional Rope Toy

Tether Tug


The Knotted Rope Toy is designed for use with the Tether Tug Outdoor Dog Toy. The Rope Toy is made for medium to large dogs to easily grab and pull the Tether Tug. The Rope Toy comes with a quick connector carabiner and is a great starter attachment! We stand behind every toy! Read our Paw Promise warranty.
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Small Tether Tug (Indoor/Outdoor Toy)

Tether Tug


This hybrid Tether Tug can be used indoor and outdoor with small dogs or puppies under 35 lbs. It's designed to provide dogs with an interactive, self-play experience that will wear them out and give you a break! The Tether Tug pole is flexible and wrapped in a durable firehose mesh material, comes with two bases (indoor AND outdoor), plus a fleece rope attachment that can be replaced with other attachments to keep it fun for your dog.   See the Small Tether Tug In Action: VIDEO LINK
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