August 5, 2020

SATX GPS Pet Trackers Lead to More than 50 Pet Recoveries Last Year

San Antonio’s SATX Technologies, makers of the SATX GPS pet tracker, shares that more than 50 pets have been recovered in the last year thanks to its technology.

“We don’t really expect feedback from our clients in regards to how well our pet trackers are working, but it’s definitely great to hear from them and to know they’re happy with our products,” said Ryan Birdsell, founder and owner of SATX Technologies. “We realize pets are an important part of most families, but they do have a tendency to wander off on occasion. And finding them in those instances is exactly what our SATX GPS trackers are designed to do.”

The American Humane Association estimates a staggering 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen every year in the United States, meaning about 1 in 3 pets will be lost at some point in their life. Fifteen percent of these pets are later recovered due to the use of either microchips or GPS devices.

SATX also sells a magnetic GPS tracker which can be applied to horse trailers which happens to also be on the rise for theft.

In addition, the magnetic GPS tracker can be fitted inside a special harness for cattle herd, which also helps with theft recovery.

“If you have an animal that is a beloved part of your family, spending a few dollars to ensure their safety is certainly money well spent,” said Birdsell, while disclosing that many SATX Technologies clients have admitted the same, particularly after their pets have been recovered. “Imagine never having to worry again about finding your dog or cat in the case of a theft or other emergency.”

Real-time SATX GPS trackers offer unlimited range and global positioning, utilizing an internal SIM card to broadcast your pet’s location at all times.

SATX Technologies was founded in 2014 and specializes in high-tech gadgetry and magnetic GPS trackers, which are used for many purposes. These include tracking vehicles and other high ticket items, but they can also be used to protect young children and even elderly members of the family who may be vulnerable for various reasons.

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