July 2, 2024

Side by Side Brings Balance to Pet Nutrition

A pioneer and stand-alone presence in holistic pet nutrition, Side by Side is the only company committed to enhancing pet health using the principles of Eastern Food Therapy (EFT). By providing nutritionally balanced, natural foods that align with the ancient wisdom of EFT, Side by Side recipes ensure happier and healthier lives for our furry family members.

What is Eastern food therapy?

This 5,000-year-old practice seeks to recognize internal imbalances and uses food to nourish and support the overall system. A cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) categorizes foods based on their inherent thermal nature and effects on the body, identifying their energetic properties as “warming,” “cooling” or “neutral.” As each dog’s (and human’s) body function is unique, EFT aims to harmonize the body’s systems with foods that provide the appropriate counterbalance needed for that individual to break down better and metabolize them.

Warming Foods invigorate the body, improving circulation and boosting metabolism. Warming Foods often require greater digestive system effort, which quickens metabolism and increases body temperature.

Cooling Foods refresh and soothe, clearing toxins and regulating internal systems. They are also easier to digest, allowing the body’s temperature to cool because less energy is needed to break down and absorb the nutrients.

Neutral Foods support equilibrium, maintaining healthy organ function and balance. Neutral (balanced) Foods help maintain equilibrium in the body. Neutral ingredients support a balanced dog as they do not tip the scale one way or another.

Benefits of EFT for Our Pets

  • Balanced Energy: Feeding pets according to their unique constitution helps maintain optimal energy levels.
  • Improved Skin and Joint Function: Choosing the right ingredients alleviates joint pain or stiffness, combats skin issues like hot spots, inflammation and dryness and protects against environmental irritants.
  • Enhanced Immunity: Foods selected for their warming, cooling or neutral properties bolster the immune system, helping pets be more resilient to common ailments.
  • Improved Digestion: Personalized diets ensure the digestive system can efficiently absorb nutrients, reducing the likelihood of issues like diarrhea, constipation and gas.
  • Holistic Wellness: By understanding the connections between physical, emotional and environmental factors in pet health, EFT supports not just physical well-being but also emotional stability and behavioral balance.

Does My Pet Need a Warming, Cooling or Neutral diet?

There are many ways to determine if there are any internal imbalances; a key indicator is the tongue. The only internal body part we can see is the tongue, which has been used as a diagnostic tool in EFT for thousands of years. This muscle organ’s texture, color, tone, hue and shade help identify the body’s metabolic state and constitution.

Side by Side’s patented AI-powered Balance Indicator makes it easy to choose the perfect foods to support your pet’s wellness and balance here.

Upload a picture of your pet smiling, playing, on a walk or any photo that shows their tongue and the Balance Indicator will analyze the image and recommend the best options for your pet based on its assessment.

Learn more about EFT and the benefits of whole food nutrition here.



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