The Pet Leadership Council Launches Be Dog Smart Initiative November 11, 2019

The Pet Leadership Council Launches Be Dog Smart Initiative

The Pet Leadership Council (PLC), a national organization that brings leaders from across the pet community together, announced the launch of Be Dog Smart, a new educational initiative designed to help potential dog owners make smart and informed decisions when getting a pet. According to media reports, Be Dog Smart is a valuable, content-rich set of resources for those who have recently brought a dog into their home.

“We recognize the value puppies and dogs bring to their owners and we want to encourage consumers to be active participants in understanding dog acquisition,” said Bob Vetere, Executive Director of PLC. “Through our Be Dog Smart initiative, we are collaborating with companies and organizations throughout the pet care community to educate consumers, promote and recognize excellent and responsible care of companion animals.”

According to the PLC, those looking to add a dog to their household should be properly informed on how to choose their pet, which includes knowing the right questions to ask, regardless of how they get the dog. People should be well-positioned before obtaining a companion animal and have confidence in their knowledge of acquisition and the pet’s overall well-being.

“Whether consumers choose to ‘adopt or shop’ we want to help assure the dog or puppy was raised under high standards of pet care,” said Vetere. “Be Dog Smart will educate consumers, so they know what to look for when adding a dog into their family.”

At the core of the initiative is a user-guided website that offers consumers robust, easy to understand information before bringing home a new puppy or dog such as costs to consider, important questions to ask and information on identifying responsible breeders, shelters, rescues and pet stores. The website is an unbiased, resource-rich guide that assists consumers throughout the entire dog acquisition process and into dog ownership.

The Be Dog Smart website was developed in partnership with industry experts from a variety of backgrounds including those involved in responsible breeding, shelter and rescues, animal welfare, academia and others who work to assure the best care and well-being of companion animals.

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