July 10, 2023

Wag! Launches Cat Food Advisor to Support Feline Nutrition

Wag!, the pet parent platform offering on-demand access to five-star pet care, pet insurance options, premium pet products and expert pet advice, has launched Cat Food Advisor, a comprehensive online resource dedicated to feline nutrition. This follows its successful acquisition of Dog Food Advisor, the world’s largest dog food review platform, in 2023.

Dog Food Advisor has established itself as a trusted resource for dog owners, providing in-depth reviews and expert, unbiased analysis of various dog food brands. Leveraging this expertise, and because of overwhelming demand from Dog Food Advisor customers, Wag! now offers the same level of professionalism and care to cat owners through the introduction of Cat Food Advisor.

Cat Food Advisor aims to empower cat owners with the knowledge and insights necessary to make informed decisions about their feline companions’ nutrition. With an extensive database of cat food reviews, nutritional analyses and expert recommendations, Cat Food Advisor will serve as a go-to resource for cat owners seeking the best dietary options for their beloved pets.

Wag!’s decision to expand into feline nutrition was driven by the recognition of a growing need within the pet care industry. “We are thrilled to introduce Cat Food Advisor as a valuable resource for cat owners,” said Patrick McCarthy, CMO at Wag!. “Our goal is to help cat owners make informed choices when it comes to their cat’s nutrition, just as we have for dog owners with Dog Food Advisor. Every pet deserves the best possible care, starting with a healthy diet and Cat Food Advisor is an invaluable tool for achieving that.”

With a focus on science-backed content, Cat Food Advisor will feature a user-friendly interface that allows cat owners to browse through a wide range of cat food brands, read detailed product reviews and access nutritional information tailored to feline needs. Additionally, the platform will provide valuable articles, tips and advice from veterinary professionals, so that cat owners can have access to accurate information.

In the coming months, Cat Food Advisor will continue to expand its offerings, adding new features such as personalized recommendations and additional educational content to further enhance the user experience.

For more information about Cat Food Advisor, click here.



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