November 21, 2022

Wee Away Offers Pet Protection from Pests Year Round

Wee Away reminds pet owners that the winter weather alone won’t deter pests like fleas and ticks from afflicting their pets, offering solutions and protection year-round.

Wee Away Flea and Tick Sprays are formulated to offer dog and cat owners an all-natural, earth-friendly way to help pest-proof their pets. They feature a special blend of natural oils that can be sprayed directly on the pet’s fur, including the legs and stomach and then worked into the coat as needed. The sprays are available in both Cedarwood and Lemongrass scents and come in 4-ounce and 16-ounce bottle sizes.

Wee Away Flea and Tick Wipes are premoistened with pure, natural oils that create a shield to help prevent these pests from being attracted to canine or feline skin. Like the rest of the Wee Away grooming and cleaning line, they don’t contain pesticides or harsh chemicals of any kind. They’re available in two different pack sizes: Mini (10-count), which fits in a glove box or a purse and Travel (30-count), which fits in luggage or a purse. A larger canister featuring 100 wipes is also available.

“At Wee Away, we’re committed to creating products that are completely safe for the planet and pets, and our flea and tick line is no exception,” said Adam Brady, Founder and CEO of Wee Away. “We don’t have the magic power to make these nasty pests vanish on command, but at least we can provide an all-natural way to keep them away.”

The suggested retail pricing for the Flea and Tick Spray ranges from $6.52 – $7.13 for the 4-ounce bottle and $14.30 – $15.48 for the 16-ounce bottle. The Flea and Tick Wipes range in price from $6.99 – $31.99.

To learn more about the entire Wee Away grooming and cleaning line, visit Wee Away.

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