February 26, 2016

What to Expect at the 2015 Global Pet Expo: ARK Naturals

Susan Weiss of ARK Naturals shares with Pet Insight her advice on how retailers can prepare for and get the most from their experience at Global Pet Expo.


What kind of innovation can retailers expect to see from ARK Naturals at this year’s Global Pet Expo?

Our goal is always to help retailers be successful—showing retailers the best way to attract consumers is part of our mission.


Which areas of the supplements category is ARK Naturals planning to focus on this year?

This year, we are focusing on senior care and our dental products.


How are ARK Naturals’ latest innovations addressing consumer demands?

It’s not about consumer demands—it’s more about how animals and humans are sharing their lives. Because of amazing human care, pets are living longer than ever–however –longevity requires help for senior-related issues. Gray Muzzle, Ark Naturals’ senior brand addresses senior needs. Dental care is also a key part of staying healthy. Dental issues don’t stop at bad breath, and can also compromise the health of both dogs and cats. Our Brushless Toothpaste and Plaque Zapper are formulated to promote healthy teeth.


What would you like retailers to get out of their experience with ARK Naturals at the show?

Most retailers love us for our education. The more familiar retailers are with the products they sell, the better they can be at recommending products.


How has ARK Naturals applied what they’ve learned to help them build momentum and create enthusiasm about their latest product offering leading up to the show?

Everyone offers ‘deals,’ but retailers have to separate the ‘deal’ from their need for that product. If you only buy the deal, you may not be buying what you need.You can’t create momentum right before a show. A brand has to work all year to create loyal customers–if you have loyalty, retailers know they can be confident and safe working with you.



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