October 22, 2021

FitPet to Establish ‘Global Integrated Pet Lifestyle Platform’ of Pet Healthcare Services

FitPet Co., Ltd., a pet healthcare solution startup based in Seoul, South Korea, announces Ahead, a simple pet testing service that enables pet owners to check their pets’ health at home without the trouble of having to go to a vet clinic.

With about 400,000 kits sold in global markets including the US, Sweden, Singapore and Indonesia, FitPet’s Ahead consists of four types of products including urine test kit Ahead Basic, released for the first time in South Korea in 2018.

Ahead Basic can test for 10 types of diseases, including urinary stones, bladder infections and diabetes. Ahead Balance, a hair test kit, can check for heavy metals and mineral nutrition, while Ahead Gene, a saliva test kit, can check for genetic disorders related to patella and cataracts. Ahead Dental, a dental care kit for periodontal diseases, can detect cavities, gingivitis and cariogenic bacteria.

The products enable pet owners to test their pets’ health status with devices in the package, capture the images, upload them to a smartphone application and then check the test results and their pets’ health in real-time.

In addition, if abnormal symptoms are found in the Ahead test, it recommends a checkup at a vet clinic, which can prevent the worsening of diseases and reduce the burden of treatment costs.

The company has applied and registered for its patent domestically and abroad, as well as acquiring a certificate for veterinary medical devices from the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency of Korea.

FitPet is also operating a ‘Hospital Search’ service that provides information on vet clinics based on reviews for its test kit products and pet health data, as well as operating ‘FitPet Mall.’

FitPet CEO Junguk Ko said, “We plan to complete the entire life cycle service from pet health check to healthcare, treatment and insurance claims, by establishing an insurance company for pets by 2030. FitPet will evolve into an integrated lifestyle platform for pets and create a one-stop ecosystem for an organically integrated pet healthcare industry.”

FitPet is participating in the ‘ICT GROWTH Project,’ that the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of Korea supports the global expansion and growth of promising ICT companies to leap to become global unicorn companies.

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