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FINALLY! A litter scoop that works with Next Gen Cat Litters! The larger pellet size of our litter has made it a challenge to find a scoop that works well with all Next Gen litters. Now we have a scoop that is available in two colors (Blue and Purple). Made from sturdy plastic it has large slots that allow our litter to flow through and only the waste material remains. Give it a try!

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Electronic LED Flea Trap

Next Gen Pet


The Electronic LED Flea Trap utilizes an LED lamp to attract fleas from a distance to a sticky sheet near the LED light. The fleas are unable to escape from the sticky sheet once they land on it. There are no pesticides on the sticky sheet – the fleas just become trapped. – Eliminate fleas without chemicals or pesticides – A safe and natural solution for your flea problems – See the results on the sticky pad – Battery (included) operated – cordless – It’s portable – it does not require an A/C outlet – Package contains 1 pad, 2 AA batteries
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Electronic LED Flea Trap Refills

Next Gen Pet


Refill pack for Electronic LED Flea Trap – Contains 3 refill pads
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Cypress Fresh Litter (14lbs)(Bag) LARGE BAG

Next Gen Pet


Cypress Fresh Cat Litter combines the benefits of Hinoki cypress wood and green tea leaves for truly superior odor control. Cypress Fresh is an all natural cat litter made from natural organic matter such as wood and green tea leaves. Cypress Fresh pellets are smaller which helps to reduce tracking outside of the litter box. – Approximately 14 pounds – 1 Case contains 3 bags
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Timber Fresh Litter (6lbs)(Bag)

Next Gen Pet


Next Gen is proud to introduce “Timber Fresh Cat Litter”. Timber Fresh like all other Next Gen products is an all natural litter made from a very unique type of wood called “Hinoki” which is only found in Japan. Hinoki is a relative of the cypress tree and highly resistant to the growth of mold, bacteria and virus. Suppressing the bacteria in your litter box is the natural way to control odors! – Approximately 6 pounds – 1 Case contains 5 bags
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